Doesitn make love with a condom? We always have a lot of myths about contraception, but as long as the right time to wear a set, but can increase the sexual pleasure between the two people.

Do you wear a condom for sex with your other half?

There are many reasons not to wear a condom, some people say that each other are ready to marry if they have children, some people will use other methods, such as trying to interrupt sexual intercourse, feel that there is also a contraceptive effect, and some people say that bet on it, do not want to wear a condom and reduce the pleasure of sex.

As if sex was more of a contraceptive ring, happiness dropped to only half.

But is that really the case? Especially girls who do not intend to have children, clearly know that contraception is very important, but often often hear the other half say "no, the day is good" "but this very little feeling" "You let me wear a condom is not enough to love me, do not trust me", there are girls think that contraception will not reach orgasm and sexual pleasure.

Photo : "The Lovers at 3 p.m. on a good afternoon"

If you don't have plans to have a baby for the time being and want to enjoy sex, let's tell you three reasons why contraception can also lead to orgasm:

The first reason: Reduce your worries and make you enjoy it more

Sex is wonderful, the distance between the two people so close, from the skin to the nose, the two people string together, but more so that your heart beats faster is that two people have the same frequency of desire, at this moment without scruples. That's why intersex contraception is so important that you don't have to worry about it for a while after you've had a good time.

According to Kristine Tye, a marriage and family therapist, feeling happy requires both security and trust, while anxiety makes us fearful and restricted, and the brain and body are stressful. It's harder to enjoy sex and increase intimacy, and negative thoughts can affect a person's performance in a relationship.

Choosing contraception not only greatly reduces pregnancy anxiety, but also makes your body and brain feel free and able to devote themselves to sex.

Second reason: increased trust, love happier

Contraception can help you increase your sense of intimacy and trust, because you've had a focus and agreement, confirmed consensus (don't want to have children, imagination and demandfor sex), and a perfect sex, a sense of trust is essential.

Trust is not just a concept, it can be felt. Psychologist Richard Nicastro says a trusted relationship creates a safe space for partners to connect and share in depth. Mutual trust allows both parties to take the necessary risks for meaningful emotional and sexual links.

If a child is not a risk you want to take, consider contraception. Please wear a condom, not because I do not trust you, but because I want to enjoy with you!

The third reason: set design small thinking, high tide does not diminish

Does contraception really reduce the chance of orgasm and reduce sexual pleasure? In fact, take the most common method of contraception - condoms, in fact, can reduce the rate of premature ejaculation, prolong the happy sex process, and the International Planned Parenthood Federation also in the condom myth article said, the so-called "" Wearing a condom will not feel "many times is a personal physical or emotional impact, will reduce the mood, some condoms will be more designed to increase the sense of sexual stimulation. (Recommended reading: Once, you'll want to do it again: Why is orgasm so happy?) ) )

The International Planned Parenthood Federation also says that when you use condoms during sex, if you're doing the right thing (wear it in a pre-play!). ) does not affect sexual pleasure, but rather makes both parties more focused on experiencing pleasure.

Don't want to be a man, just have sex.

Three reasons for contraception to make it easier for you to orgasm, sex is not just skin relatives, and happy sex also includes full trust. At the same time, if you want to know what else you can do with contraception, you can also see that contraception is not just a woman's business! You can't understand the 13-plus-three methods of contraception.

Dear, put on a condom today, come to a happy, zero-burden sex!