You know, even long-term partners don't necessarily know how to kiss? From position, force to rhythm, kissing also has a lot of eyebrows, learn now, to ensure that you are more happy!

Hey, think of your other half, do you miss the moment you kissed him? Or in fact, you have not been very much looking forward to this matter, always feel where Kaka, but think it seems that there is no bad? (But kissing is important:"Yeah, you haven't kissed me well in a long time" couples late at night: Why is kissing more happy than having sex?) ) )

Kissing is actually a learning, it has steps, has skills. But not many people know how to kiss well, because most people don't know how to kiss. Today to give you a few kiss tips, to let you immediately feel, the original a good kiss, can make people so happy!

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Tip one: Want to hurt you well! The way to kiss with love

Want to create a love kiss? You have to practice not starting directly with your lips.

First, gently hold the other person's face and look into his eyes, and when he expects you to approach his lips, you actually start by kissing his forehead. At this time, the other side will be a little surprised, you go all the way down, kiss his nose, and finally come to the lips.

It may seem simple, but he will feel like he's being pampered from scratch, creating a full pink bubble. Hey, don't look down on it, especially for the old wife, you will find that I have not looked at each other's face for a long time, convey how much you love him, simply exchange love for each other.

Tip 2: I long for you! Kissing techniques that make him itch yin

It's also about kissing tips for different locations, and if you want to get a bit of a provocative, sexy close encounter, offer you a few kisses that make him unable to help him get excited.

You can start with your lips, then gently face your chin, along his jaw, and finally toward your ears, stop here, and then hold or bite his earlobe. Or you can get around his back, kiss him on the shoulder, then go up to the neck, all the way to the ear.

You know, those are all particularly sensitive areas. Finally, by his ear to some sweet little confession, at the moment he is full of crisp! Remember two little secrets: your kiss should be as soft as a feather, as if it had not met, which can make him more excited. In addition, to slow down, master the atmosphere and rhythm, so that he can not help but want to have with you further!

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Tip 3: Hold your tongue! Don't be too wild, don't just be careful.

Know that you must have tried the passionate French tongue kiss, but you don't necessarily know how to make good use of your tongue!

In fact, using too many tongues is a mistake. Since it is a good helper for teasing, you must go from shallow to deep to use it as a "exploration" tool. First, you can gently suck his lower lip, and then use the tip of your tongue to gently caress. Then, begin to slowly stick his tongue into the other person's mouth, place it on his tongue or bottom, and, if it feels right, start swarearound around his tongue.

You can be mischievous, slightly snobbean, gently tapping his tongue, a little to refuse to welcome. Remember, don't go too deep, stick your tongue down the other person's throat and it's uncomfortable. There are a lot of nerve endings on the tongue, with sometimes gentle, sometimes savage rhythms, and saliva exchange, mastering the interaction of one-on-one, like a double dance, so that you can enjoy each other.

Tip 4: Live with your hands! Put it in these places to make him feel better.

Where do you put your hands when you kiss? Often feel a little embarrassed, do not know where to put? Or is it because you are a familiar lover that you all caress each other's buttocks or breasts directly? Hey, don't just be so nervous or rough; body language actually has some eyebrows.

If you want to increase your sense of love, you can put your hands on both sides of his head and stroke each other's hair, which can make him feel pampered and doting. Or put your palms on his chest, which will make him feel trusted and trusted. If the atmosphere is provocative, try to wrap a hand around his neck and caress quietly with your fingertips, all the way to his back, which will make the other person feel twice as excited.

Or you just hold each other's hands. Try to use your hands to help convey your love, so that a good kiss can also be followed more divided.

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Tip 5: Easy to ignore the little things! It's romantic to breathe together.

Finally, let's go back and talk about a small place that can easily be overlooked.

From the position of kissing, the use of force and limb, there is one we must master, is the rhythm of the moment. When we're used to kissing, or getting into a passionate atmosphere of kissing, it's easy to forget when to breathe. But the kiss was red and wheezing, and it wasn't very romantic.

Don't be afraid to pause. Let each other cool down a little, so that you can feel the current lip room, and still do not finish. It will give you more passion. And time and time again, you will find your intimate rhythm and tacit understanding, you know, he is the most expecting kiss in the world!

In fact, the skills of kissing, say more than a lot, say less, the most important thing is that you all look forward to and know how to enjoy the present -- you think it is important for each other, kiss is important, you are also willing to kiss in every kiss of the moment, a good stop, close your eyes, feel the world's most beloved pair of lips.