After 30 years of love, found that can accompany their life may not be the favorite, found that love actually do not need to occupy half of life, do not have to be full of surprises, as long as willing to accompany themselves to eat a good meal. Three good plays for you to watch slowly at home, making you rethink what love can look like after you're 30 years old.

It may be a bit of a pity to fall in love after the age of 30, and a little disappointed.

Although long ago know that fairy taleis is impossible to achieve, but suddenly found that the most loved may not be able to accompany you a lifetime, and then know about love, in fact, will not occupy half of your life, may be 40%, or only 20%, because the world is big, you are reluctant to use only to love a person.

After 30 years of love, is more clear about the reality, but the reality is not so bad, because you have encountered good and bad, you know what you want, but also know that love a person before to be good to themselves, you do not want to wrong themselves, you are more bold pursuit.

More and more dramas have come together recently to write the voice of a 30-year-old woman. Here, there are three good plays that suit you to taste slowly, and it's worth revisiting, there's no romantic love here, only closer to reality, whether you've got a partner who's willing to put up with your own snorting at the moment, or is in a relationship that's not very satisfying, or still involved with your predecessor, in these three plays, it might make you rethink 30. Love can have a face after the age of age.

"Romantic physique": the benefits of falling in love with a bad person, is to know how valuable they are

"Romantic Physique", write scribmed three living stories - poor TV playwright, single mother, famous documentary filmmaker who lost his beloved, holiday is used to sitting on the sofa, spitting out the unrealistic love of the TV series.

They feel that they have seen through life, but still occasionally in the relationship, like a man who pursues their own, two people love each other after marriage and children, but did not expect the boy in order to pursue "their own happiness", asked for divorce, leaving the girl alone to take care of the child.

"I'm going to pursue my happiness.
"What about me?" 」
"Why do you want to ask me for your happiness?" 」

Photo : "Romantic Physique"

Who's never met a few bad people in their lives? But at least they taught themselves a lesson - they deserved a better life. (Extended reading: "After the age ofthirty, why do every opportunity to come without rejection?" "Romantic Physique" 30-year-old woman's philosophy of life)

'The Undefeated Team': The wound sits really heal, next to see your predecessor, Thank u, next

In the French drama "The Hook Up Plan", the heroine Aisha after being dumped by her boyfriend, two years can not go out of love, can not see the friends, spend money to find male prostitutes, hoping to let her have the courage to love again.

Age in the long, repair the speed of the wound did not follow the long, 30 years old after the love affair as usual, clearly retreated tracking but also peeked at his community text, enter the name will also clear the search record, cheat himself long ago do not care about him, although the break-up has been a long time, think he will cry to feel the despair of life, all said the first love the most indelible heart, But every relationship you love like the first love, pain is the same.

The only difference with young, after the wound healed, think of this relationship again, you can talk, with a funny tone how he betrayed himself, see his predecessor again, you think not once warm, but just want to wave away he said Thank u, next.

Photo: "Unsingled Assist team"

Photo: "Unsingled Assist team"

"Beautiful sister who often invites dinner": days need not be full of surprises, you accompany me to have a good meal.

Han drama "The beautiful sister who often invites dinner", writes that the heroine is in love with her brother's friends after breaking up with her boyfriend for many years. The play did not shock waves, no unexpected plot, play is the daily small things, such as they chat at the dinner table for a day's work, chat about the small troubles in life, like real life love, about love, that is by every little thing piled up.

After 30 years old do not expect every day full of surprises, you like him after work with an umbrella waiting for you in the distance, waiting for you to come home together; The older you get, the younger you are, and finding love is actually a small thing in life, so small that he feels satisfied as long as he is willing to keep a meal for you.

Photo A photo of the beautiful sisters who often invite dinner

Photo A photo of the beautiful sisters who often invite dinner

Photo A photo of the beautiful sisters who often invite dinner

For 30-year-old women who are distressed by their feelings, it is worth revisiting, and it is worth a good time to pursue the drama, to learn to love their loved ones, but also in the love of love.