Taiwanese company Darunfa has been revealed to have attempted sexual assault of female colleagues by employees in a car. When the door is locked, you can no longer escape, coupled with fear of the other side to do more terrible things, even more afraid to resist. We can therefore understand why women are always afraid to go out at night and to hitch a ride alone.

Recently, according to The Mirror, a female employee of Darunfa was sexually harassed and attempted to assault her while travelling in a vehicle with a colleague. It is mentioned that a middle-ranking cadre forcibly touching the breasts and private parts of a female colleague in an official bus. "When the group returned to Taipei, the car stopped in the open-air parking lot of the Darunfa Hall in the inner lake, where the middle-ranking cadre asked the supervisor who drove the car to go back to the company first, and then said to the female colleague: "This is the opportunity given to me by the supervisor." Want to be hard, after the female colleagues continue to resist, and use LINE to ask colleagues for help, before they get out of danger. 」

Women in confined spaces such as cars often face the dilemma of not knowing how to escape, even in case of sexual harassment or assault. Even if you want to resist, you may have to keep your mouth shut for fear that the other person will do something more serious.

Share another real event that happened around my life.

Female friend A meets netizen P, A gets into P's car, and P locks the door. Then P kept touching A, who was uncomfortable but afraid to resist. "I'm afraid to provoke him, he'll do something more terrible. "It was a situation where he was going to kill me or wherever he was taken, and it was very likely that it would happen. 」

Facing a man who is stronger than himself, and a locked, closed carriage, a disoriented A.

This may be a fear experience that is no stranger to women. We fear that we have no physical strength to resist and the inability to defend our rights.

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The root cause of fear: All women are afraid of being raped

Looking back on my personal experience, I was really afraid of taking a taxi alone. When Faced with having to take a taxi, I usually take a picture of the driver's practice immediately after getting on the bus and pass it on to the family group;

I admit that when I was alone with a man in a confined space, there was always a fear of no cause. However, i would like to stress here that this is not a single-shot boater, all men as potential perpetrators of sexual assault, but can we go further, why do many women worry about this?

This fear comes from many past news reports and how the public is taking a look at women: remember to protect yourself.

"The wear ingress of the victim, the time and place of the victim, the attitude and speech of the interaction, whether there were any scars on the body at that time, etc. are all items of public judgment." When these items do not fit the imagination of the mainstream discourse, social discourse can easily go in the direction of blaming the victim, who seems to have to constantly clarify and defend himself. 」
" This is love girl, but also tired of women" Wang Xiaodan

Women are afraid to ride alone, similar to other women's dilemmas, such as women who often suffer more fear than men when they are on the streets at night.

In 1996, Peng Wanru, who was active in Taiwan's feminist movement, was killed after catching a taxi at night. This is Peng Wanru's death case, with blood and tears to promote the "sexual assault crime prevention and control law." (Recommended reading: 22 years since Peng Wanru's death: Because she, shelving two years of sexual assault crime prevention law can finally pass)

Twenty years later, women still have safety concerns when walking night and driving. The public still expects women not to go out alone at night and not wear revealing clothes to avoid being in danger.

"Violence is systemic because it targets members of a group simply because they belong to that group. Any woman, for example, has reason to fear rape. 」
Five Faces of Oppression, Iris Marion Young

When rape takes place in a confined space: you're mine, you have nowhere to run

Back to the two incidents mentioned at the beginning of the text. The two women involved in the incident were forced to endure sexual harassment and attempted sexual assault by the perpetrators because they were in a closed space that was not conducive to escape.

When it comes to rape, we need to understand the situation of the victims today. The public often examines the dress and manners of the victims, but neglects that rape actually occurs because of the choices made by the perpetrators. (Extended reading:World's Dannday: After being raped, court says jeans are tight and I voluntarily took off)

"Now that we have violent images or images reproduced in books, newspapers, televisions, and big screens, it is easy for us to ignore the facts of rape, the impact of rape, and the significance of rape. 」
The Confessions of Bad Feminism, Roseanne Gay

Rape represents more than an atrocity;

This current affairs, the reason why people have a sense of solidarity, because we vaguely can imagine that these things may also happen to themselves.

As Wang Xiaodan in his book "This is love girl, but also tired of women" cloud: "Every unjust sexual violence is a single incident, such injustice has its own single (singularity), "because of the opportunities, choices and life situations of different individuals have its non-repeatable nature." (Same-sex: When you're victimized and society as a whole comes together to humiliate you: Why are sexual predators prone to aphasia? ) )

Sexual violence is a subject that everyone in society needs to understand together. Not to shy away from talking, not avoiding responsibility, only by facing up to the existence of problems can we be better and freer in the world in which we live.