Behind every love, there is a soul willing to summon courage. What is the bravest thing you have ever done in love? This time, take a look at these 30 stories, including your figure, his outline, and your love and love.

What was the most courageous thing you've ever done in your love? Is it in spite of the opposition of others, but also to talk about a roaring love? Or do you have to try it out if you know there are no results?

We started the question on Women's Love Instagram, inviting readers to share the most courageous things they've ever done in their love. Maybe you've had the same experience, maybe you've seen friends around you. But anyway, this time you won't bear it alone, let's say it, face it, cry. (Recommended reading: Love speech: Not having the courage to say the truth, but patience won't make you happier)

The bravest thing is to love and let go

  1. It was my offer to break up.
  2. Struggling for a long time, finally decided to let him go
  3. Because I didn't want to give up on my friend's identity, I specifically went south to confess to him. Although I broke up three years later, I don't regret the decision.
  4. Had been cut legs, five years after the brave step out of the lover, or was hurt, but also found that five years originally I have not come out. This time I stopped damage in time, did not forgive the act of chopping as before, although I first shouted stop, but the heart is still very painful.

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The bravest thing is not to miss it easily

  1. Knowing that the other party will go to study in the field after three months, and then have to separate the two places for five years, it is also right to be together.
  2. There was no cover for vulnerability in front of him.
  3. Whether the relationship had any results or not, they plucked up the courage to speak to him.
  4. Know it's impossible, but i muster the courage to save it.
  5. Know the end, or bravely love, because do not want to miss the brave self.
  6. Knowing that it might be small, i still go in his direction.
  7. Knowing that the family environment of both parties is not suitable, there can be no results, but still decided to love each other until the last moment.
  8. Be brave enough to deceive yourself, to believe in each other, even if he knows he is lying.
  9. Afraid of injury, but still very hard to love a person.
  10. Overcome the wounds and fears of the past, learn to believe in himself and believe in yourself.

The bravest thing is to recognize the reality.

  1. Face the reality bravely, know that he has left, and I am no longer attached to the attachment.
  2. Saved, but failed, failed to bless him very bravely.
  3. There was no cover for vulnerability in front of him.
  4. Give him a second chance, and then leave decisively after his second trip
  5. Become the third party, don't cry, the most humble third party

The bravest thing is to overcome the distance for love

  1. Eliminate all difficulties flying to Hong Kong for your birthday
  2. Talk about long-distance love, running for love
  3. Desperate to start a love affair, the result was abandoned

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The bravest thing is to give up.

  1. Give up, choose to guard her for the rest of her life.
  2. He knew he wouldn't like me, but he stayed with him in silence, and finally saw him walk on the red carpet.
  3. Six years of contact, face-to-face break-up, gave a big hug, sincerely hope each other happy, braveto say goodbye.
  4. hand-pushed him to the person he liked.
  5. Knowing that he didn't like him so much, he gave it;
  6. Leave your most caring boyfriend ever and start your own independent life and journey.
  7. Like each other for three years, their own digestion of feelings. Because you can be a best friend because you don't have to say it.
  8. Knowing that accepting can open a new relationship, but still give up.

Seeing this, we can see that the bravest things are different for everyone. Some people are letting go, some people are going to each other, some people are aware of the lack of results or willing to try. Courage is right and wrong, there is no standard answer, who is not in a try to learn to be a better person? Since we have been brave in love, the future will always be brave, right? (Recommended Reading: Courage Practice: "Leave Sadness to the Past" Seven Healing Songs)

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