"Are you forgetting, or are you afraid to think about it?" "Back to school" in addition to talking about the white horror of the era of blood and tears, but also implied the heroine Fang Weixin's life issue. You, did you learn?

On September 20, 2019, the national film "Back to School", adapted from video games, was released, and the first day of the box office exceeded 18 million yuan, causing a lot of attention and discussion.

The story takes place in the age of white terror, not far away from us. In the film, we see the authoritarian system, like thorns, how to bind, suppress, suppress everyone, no matter which side of the binary opposition you stand on, after all, become victims.

We are vigilant, we cherish, tell ourselves, don't forget today's freedom, how hard it is.

After watching the film, with a heavy heart, i walked out of the theater. I am used to watching movies, crawling through the reviews of various pipes, while recalling the plot, while learning and understanding the views of others. This film, talk about the era of blood and tears, talk about reform of the not easy system, people have more ink, and in addition, let me feel extraordinarily, there is the heroine Fang Weixin.

Thinking of Fang Weixin, I can't help thinking of "Taipei Girls" written by Xu Weifang. (Same Show: To My Chinese Ex-Boyfriend: What I Want is Democratic and Independent Love)

"Taiwan lets me learn: We are small people of small countries, but we are good people. The former people's road blue wisp, to open the mountain forest, in our struggle to wake up after the pain, facing the sea, to the world's spring flowers bloom. 」
- "Taipei Girl", Xu Weifang

For moviegoers, it's a film that explores the politics of white terror; if you narrow the line of sight a little bit and focus on the characters, we'll find that it tells the story of a girl's upbringing.

Let's follow the plot, follow Fang's inner world, and learn to face the subject of "fear".

(The following starts with thunder, please take it carefully.) If you haven't seen the film yet, it's recommended that you move your first time and stay in the cinema. )

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#1 Fear Lesson 1: Recognition

"I don't forget it any more. Back to School, Fang Weixin

There was a cry of the girl from the school. A female ghost came towards her, wet hair on her face, can not see what she looks like, so that Fang Xin was frightened. The female ghost, like a shadow, appeared in the mirror, this female ghost, but only Fang Weixin can see.

It turned out that the ghost that frightened her was herself.

That year, Fang Weixin out of personal interest, to make their own regretful decision. Thus, in a world made up of the dead, she was in agony and could not escape. Every picture, every experience, is a constant reminder of the mistakes she has made.

"Are you forgetting, or are you afraid to think about it?" The other side, Yu Xin, may have, but presumably the latter is more. She finally decided to face it, confessing that she had not wanted to look back on the past.

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#2 Fear Lesson 2: Face

"I'm going to get him out of here." Back to School, Fang Weixin

Wei Zhongting, who is in love with Fang Xin, was also trapped in the school and could not escape. At first, it was Wei Zhongting who stormed into the formation, running with Fang Yuxin, and then two people split away for some reason.

In the latter part of the story, the well-aware Fang Weixin, realized that he had to do something, so he helped Wei Zhongting, do his best to let him leave.

In the great auditorium, members of the Reading Club were caught for telling the news that they were going to be severely punished. This is Fang's most feared scene.

However, this time, for her to pull Wei Zhongting's hand, go forward, even if their own life and death is not afraid. Perhaps it is because Fang Yixin understands that this is her subject, she has to learn to face and meet.

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#3 Fear Lesson 3: Growing

"You have to remember all this for us." Back to School, Fang Weixin

At the end of the film, Wei Zhongting, with fang's assistance, climbed through the barbed wire-covered school gate. The school gate is separated by two worlds. One side is life, the other side is dead, looking at each other.

Wei Zhongting called Fang Weixin, asked her to leave together;

"I want to stay." Fang Yuxin said sadly but firmly. She knew that Wei Zhongting, who was still alive in the real world, did not belong here, and that he had to go anyway. And she must stay in the nightmare until she forgives herself.

What Fang Yanxin can do is to deliver the wish to Wei Zhongting, and ask him to remember all this. After all, Ms. Zhang Mingxuan, who was destined to live with her, once gently said to her, "If she survives, there is hope." He also reassured that Fang Wasin was not really doing the wrong thing, but had been exploited by the system.

However, the card in the heart of that pass, after all, it is difficult to pass easily. Fang Is still practicing, how to breathe in an embarrassing nightmare, how to forgive themselves, how to grow.

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After fear, it's freedom.

"Leave all the pain in the past, just forget, don't you?" Fang Weixin did not answer, and she knew: no, really bad. If these history is bloody and tearful, no one remembers, no one knows, no one reflects and ponders, no one speaks and changes, and the future may not be good.

"For me, going back to school is more than just a thriller, it's a tragedy, it's heartbreaking. These past may have been forgotten, but in fact we have not forgotten, nor will we forget. It will be in my heart for a long time, and Fang Yixin, like, never left. 」
- Wang Net (Played by Fang YanXin)

"Back to school" was originally not intended to present a history of female growth, but I am particularly concerned and distressed.

Fang Yixin, is an ordinary girl, she is dedicated to this, elegant white, gentle and determined, such a girl, we have seen in the course of growth, or we are.

She eagerly looked forward to, but a simple love, but the times do not allow, so she was injured, and finally, can heal for their own, will not be Wei Zhongting, will not be Zhang Mingting, but her own.

In the film, Fang Yixin faced the "fear" subject, in fact, everyone in life will face the matter. First admit, then face, and finally grow. The process must be full of struggle and pain, may also leave a full body of scars, but step by step, Xu can wait until the day of relief.

After fear, it is freedom. "Back to School" by a girl out of the story, let us see the light and shade of the past.

"After experiencing violence and death, our love has an absolute direction. This land must be better. 」
- "Taipei Girl", Xu Weifang

To a hard-won today, as the film's end of the cloud: "Please live free and ordinary!" 」