If so, can we build a way for Dad to go home and be with the kids? Let's talk about dad parenting and why it's important.

"One can only lead the way for others, not walk instead of them. " - Roman Roland

The so-called family education, the purpose is to guide the children, so that children can be guided by the family, out of their own way. And to create an ideal home, every part of the home is important.

In order to encourage more dads to participate in child-rearing and pay more attention to the division of care responsibilities in the family, the Foundation for the Advancement of Women's Rights and Interests of the consortium, in collaboration with the Swedish Institute for The Advancement of Women, the Taipei office of the Swedish Trade and Investment Commission, Dadable Daddy Adventures, and the Iwsi Media Homecoming As Co-organizing Media, organized Taiwan's first photo exhibition promoting the concept of "Daddy Parenting". (Recommended Reading: Dadby Parenting Daily Photography Exhibition: Every Dad has the opportunity to decide what kind of father he wants to be)

"Swedish X Taiwan Dadby's Parenting Daily Photography Exhibition", September 21-22, in Huashan 1914 Wencheng Park warm exhibition!

Photo Credit: Dad Parenting Photo Exhibition

Photo Credit: Dad Parenting Photo Exhibition

Father on parental leave: I choose to live with my children

The exhibition, which features a father-parenting photo exhibition, was inspired by Swedish photographer Johan Bävman's photography of a series of Swedish dads who have been on parental leave for more than six months.

Photographer Johan Bävman examines why these fathers choose to stay at home with their children, what the experience has brought them, and how their relationships with their partners and children have changed. The aim is also to promote gender equality and inspire more men to start thinking about their roles as fathers and partners. (Recommended to you: Men should have maternity leave!) Anheuser-Therefore's moving speech to the United Nations: "Emancipate the bondage of women, but also the bondage of men")

Taiwan's social culture, child-rearing has always been the responsibility of women, but in recent years this situation has gradually changed with the promotion and recognition of the concept of gender equality.

According to the Ministry of Labour's Gender Labour Statistics, the proportion of men applying for child-rearing leave without pay has increased year by year, from 16.5 per cent for men in 2013 to 17.7 per cent in 2018, and 18.5 per cent in May this year. This shows that domestic parents, especially fathers, are clearly increasingly willing to take care of their children themselves.

The Foundation for women's rights and development, a consortium, said: "This promotion of the concept of 'dad parenting' is expected to enable more dads to be willing to take part in the day-to-day care of their families and enjoy childcare. In the selection and collection stage, we see a lot of interesting, moving parenting stories, I believe that this photo exhibition activities, will bring you a lot of ideas and moved.

Dad parenting, not to become a superman father, is to participate in the child's life course, holding the child's hand, together into the future.

Go home, build a way for Dad to go home

"We want to build a home where everyone wants to go back." Go home

"After eight years of running the Women's Fan website, I think Media set up a new brand, Go Home, in May this year, hoping to encourage people to think, discuss and create their own ideal 'home' because 'going home' has become a difficult thing for many people," said Zhang Yixuan, co-host of Media. (Same show: Home is courage to face the most feared place in your heart)

"A total of 845 submissions were received for the photo exhibition and online voting, attracting more than 32,000 untitlered views and messages. From these feedbacks, we find that dads don't know how to express their love to their children and family, a problem that is particularly serious in Asia.

"Daddy parenting is an important issue in Taiwanese society, creating an ideal home where every role is important," she said. And watching the show is the best place to start.