How dare you have a baby if no one wants to care about the earth? 】

Last week, an 18-year-old Canadian girl, Emma Lim, launched the No Future No Children campaign, calling on young people to "not have children until the government is taking positive action against environmental degradation." The co-signature has accumulated more than 3000 responses, ranging in age to 12 or 3 years. You see, they're kids, and they know they're not qualified to have children.

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Last week, an 18-year-old Canadian girl shouted to the world: How dare you have a baby if no one loves this planet?

We are in a deteriorating global environment. Two of the top five priorities at the G20 summit in Osaka in June were related to environmental conservation. Includes discussions on how the next steps in response to global warming, climate change, and at least 9 million tons of plastic marine waste worldwide each year can cause significant ecological pollution.

And in August, news of the Amazon rainforest fire shocked the world. More than 70,000 forest fires have been recorded in Brazil this year, the highest since 2013, according to Brazil's National Space Agency (INPE). Smoke fills the entire area, and the lungs of the earth are rapidly being swallowed up and disappeared.

In the face of the irreversible earthholocaust, Emma Lim, a student at McGill University in Canada, launched theNo Future No Childrencampaign last week. She encouraged young people to work together to give birth until the government takes positive action to tackle the harsh climate change. As of today, more than 3100 people have signed up. And that number is rising every day.

What Emma Lim wants to say is that I'm 18 years old, and even though I'm a kid, I know I'm not qualified to have children.

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We want a home where we can swim in the sea in summer and sled in the mountains in winter.

"I always imagined I would be a mother. 」

Emma Lim, 18, has an ordinary desire to be a mother. She loves her children and works as a babysitter during the summer holidays: "I sing for the baby, listen to their stories, do my homework together, bake bread, draw, walk to nature, dance in the kitchen..." She hopes to have children in the future so that they can see all the beauty they see: "I want to take them to the sea for swimming, camping in summer, driving to leaves in the autumn, playing sledding in winter,......, I want my children to be free to pursue their dreams." 」

Like a simple wish, simple happiness. To her heart, however, she found it almost impossible to achieve.

"Last September, I read the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and it scared me. In my state, the once-in-a-century flood struck every year. There will be a heat wave here in summer and we can't skate on the pool in winter. And the truth is that we are in far more danger than we can imagine. We are facing irreversible changes -- ecosystem imbalances, and the loss of clean water and fresh air. 」

Emma Lim mentions that it's because she's a teenager that she can quickly feel that the beautiful things she's seen in the past are losing bit by little. And one of them, including her dream of becoming a mother.

"If you're born, only hard" What kind of mother will I be?

'I'm a mother, but if I can't give him a happier future, I'd rather give up,' she said.

"I am facing a future of economic instability, food shortages and extreme weather. As the climate worsens, the desire to have a home becomes more and more "expensive": "What if I have to sacrifice my children's education to pay for a new house?" What if I had to spend money to buy clean water? If my city becomes unsafe, I have to flee, or my child is sick, but the hospital is full of more serious patients? For many, these fears have become a reality. 」

It is because i cherish life, so understand that if only to bring the child to a world that can not be safe or not, "What kind of mother would I be?" 」

In fact, Emma Lim's concern is what modern people often think of -- the world is not good and is deteriorating. We don't want to have children, we don't want innocent lives to be born just to suffer. However, this matter, rarely by a person who is still a child, to remind adults. (Editor's recommendation:16-year-old girl's strike causes a global headache: "Adults don't care about the future, why should I go to school?" ( ) ,

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Emma Lim has launched theNo Future No Childrencampaign, which says, "If no one loves this planet, then we don't reproduce." She also called on herself not to be the only young man to give up his lifelong dream: "Because we're not sure what our future will be." 」

On the co-posted message board, we see the words "Forcing children to come to this ecologically destroyed world is inhumane", "We are witnessing the climate crisis destroying everything we love; happy family, etc. The list of children as low as 13 or 15 years of age and developing is mostly 17 or 18 boys and girls, like Emma Lim, whose life is about to begin. They co-posted that I don't have children until the world doesn't get better, and one thing they want to ask together is

Do we have the right to choose a happy and safe home?

If you already know what your future is like; Emma Lim, as a teenager, along with more than 3,000 people, wants to appeal to governments and grown-ups with power and resources -- please work together to keep us safe, please take immediate action. To make the world a better place is not the responsibility of any generation, but the common responsibility of all. And we have time.