Han Xing Cui Shirley was chattering with strange men while they were having dinner with friends. After she refused twice, the man still wanted to talk to her, scaring her into thinking she wanted to hide under the table. "I was just scared. I seldom go out. Some people say she makes a fuss, but in fact, there is often only a line between sexual harassment and sexual harassment.

South Korean entertainer Shirley, who has been dining with friends, posted a live chat with fans on Instagram. Suddenly, she met a strange man repeatedly meet, after refusing many times, Shirley finally scared to hide at the bottom of the table and friends in the arms, while the strange man in Shirley's fellow friends to withdraw from the advice.

"I was just scared. I seldom go out. In the live video, Shirley looks on and watching constantly and looking very upset.

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The event came out, the view is polar. Some people think that Shirley's fuss, but fans want to ask for a photo, why make a fuss? Of course, there are also people feel that the star's private life should be respected, since Shirley has declined, the other side should be appropriate to stop.

If Shirley is a public figure, her fears are no stranger to us. (Extended Reading:Gender Watch" From psychology to "fear of men": Why do boys get close to you, why make you anxious? ) )

In my own experience, for example, I was in a swimming pool with a friend, met two or three strangers talking, and even picked up a mobile phone to shoot us. Since there were no other tourists nearby at the time, my friends and I were completely afraid to refuse, because we did not know, in case of refusal, will it provoke them? Maybe not, maybe we think the other person is terrible, but this situation is actually a kind of "must": although we did not explicitly refuse to shoot, but also no will.

Everyone has the right to choose, including whether to talk to strangers, whether to respond to others, but to practice, but there are difficulties and difficulties.

The private life of a star, not a popular TV show.

From the live video, Shirley's expression can be seen, quite panicked.

According to Shirley's friends, Shirley hasn't met friends for nearly a year and may not be comfortable with the public crowd. Plus, Shirley has previously caused a wave of criticism, and perhaps also brought her psychological stress and trauma. (Same Show: Han Xing Cui Shirley Incident: From Pure to Sexy, Why It's Called Depravity)

We can understand how exciting and pleasant it is to meet a favorite star. It's normal to talk, sign, take photos with each other. However, when an artist has refused, he or she should respect the other person. After all, we don't want our beloved idol to be unhappy and uncomfortable, do we?

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You think the hook-up may have become harassment.

Incidents like this "hook-up" do not only happen to idol stars. In everyday life, you and your friends may also have experience of being hooked up with strangers.

When it comes to hook-ups, we have to talk about the words we often hear: "It's nice to be handsome, and people are ugly about sexual harassment." 」

Gender Strength Encyclopedia

Sexual harassment


In addition to the crime of sexual assault, the act of committing an act against another person against his will is related to sex or gender, and in one of the following cases:

1. To obey or reject the act by the person as a condition for obtaining, losing or dissomuchment of benefits relating to work, education, training, services, plans or activities.

2. To display or broadcast words, pictures, sounds, images or other articles, or to discriminate, insult or otherwise, with circumstances that impair the human dignity of others, or create a situation that causes fear, hostility or offend, or unduly affects their work, education, training, service, planning, activity or normal life.

Reference data:Sexual Harassment Prevention Act, National Regulatory Database

""People are good, ugly sexual harassment" behind the words of the truth, I hope you can understand is: today some things, like people do is very good, do not like people do is very bad. Whether you are a man or a woman, please remember to respect the will of others. Suppose you really don't know what other people's will is, then don't force it, because no one has an obligation to put up with your indiscretion, no one has an obligation to endure your frivolity. 」
- Miao Boya

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Everyone's feelings and perceptions of hook-upares are different. Some people feel appreciated, their hearts blooming, and some people hate interacting with non-acquaintances. However, although the incident seems to be very "personal", there are still some simple principles to follow. For example:

  1. Avoid talking about jokes about "sex" or "privacy" when it is not clear what the other person will and scale.
  2. When the other party has no will to accept the hook, it is appropriate to stop.

Back in this case, we can't claim that the stranger's offer to Shirley was sexual harassment, but after all, his behavior has made Shirley himself uncomfortable and even emotionally broken. Therefore, whether the man is a fan or not, we would like to appeal to the public to stop this excessive intrusion into the private lives of others and to give others a comfortable living space.