Michelle Williams, winner of the 2019 Emmy Awards this morning, said on stage that when a woman is trusted and secure enough, she can express her needs with confidence and be respected enough to make a greater personal sense. If you also think it's important to be trusted, see what Michelle Williams says.

The 71st Emmy Awards in 2019 ended earlier today with the nation's largest television awards. Over the past few years, at the Emmys, we've seen a lot of actors come out in support of gender equality. This year, the actors have also missed no opportunity to speak out about their beliefs.

You might wonder how long it's been around about gender issues, and it's important to keep talking about it? But we would like to say that gender issues are so wide-ranging that gender can be linked to gender, ranging from unequal distribution of resources, working environment and pay inequality, and double standards. (Recommended reading: Four human rights highlights after the Emmys: "Having the Power to Say No Is Really Precious"

As long as we don't see real gender equality coming, we'll keep talking.

At the Emmy Awards, the two actors were nominated for a gender manifesto, racial discrimination, gay rights, equal pay, and voices for the weak.

Billy Porter: It took me years to believe I had the right to stand here

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Among the key awards, "Best Actor in a Drama Series" was won by Billy Porter, a black gay actor, as the first black gay actor in Emmy history to win the Emmys, and Billy Porter's speech was especially a reference to James Baldwin, a gay black writer. Baldwin's famous quote, referring to:

Take many years of vomiting up all the filth i hadhad had had taught about myself, and halfway believed, before i can wal wal k around this Earth like i hade right right to be here. I have the right, you have the right, we all have have the right!

I spent many years putting people on me, putting aside the idea of my "dirtyness" and then half-convinced that I had the right to walk in the world and to stand here. I have rights, you have rights, we all have rights.

As a black gay actor, Billy Porter has undoubtedly been more vulnerable to many discriminations and setbacks on his way to acting in the past, and the whispers make him unconvinced that he is "qualified" to enjoy the same rights as others. And through the low tide, he took to the stage to tell the world that everyone "is entitled" to be respected and treated equally, regardless of gender, race, identity, wealth or wealth. (Recommended reading: Dark horses at the top five Emmy Awards in the United States!) The Story of making a woman: When a woman becomes a walking womb

Michelle Williams: When a woman is trusted, the potential she can play is infinite

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In addition to Billy Porter's courageous speech, Michelle Williams, the actress who won Best Mini-Series or TV Movie Actress, also delivered a wonderful speech, and here's her full message:

Thank you very much for the Emmys and very much for the backstage crews who made the TV awards show, especially Sammy Rockwell, And I know you're working hard.

I think this award is an endorsement. When a woman is trusted and secure enough, she can express her needs with confidence and be respected enough.

In the course of my work, when I say I need more dance lessons, I hear "yes", when I say I need more sound lessons, I hear "good", and when I say I need different wigs and not rubber dentures, I hear "good".

These demands, so that others need to spend more effort and more money, but my boss would like to believe in my profession, never to act like "I know your job better than you" and let me play gwen Verdon.

So, I want to say thank you to FX and Fox 21 Studios, thank you for your full support and payment to me equally. Because they know that when they trust a person and give that person a chance to show his or her value, it will inspire a deeper self-identification in that person's heart, and that person will use that self-identification in his or her work to play his greater personal value.

Next time, if there's a woman, especially a black woman (because she earns 52 cents compared to a white male), when she tells you what she needs at work, listen to her and trust her. Because one day, she may stand in front of you and say thank you for letting her work in a successful environment.

Thank you, Matilda, for this award.

Even a well-known actor like Michelle Williams has been treated with equal pay for equal work. In her presentation, we saw that when industry trusts women, listens to women's needs, and lets women play their part, the industry as a whole, and the actors alone, have a positive impact. And in addition to talking about equal pay for equal work, she also spoke for black women who were more vulnerable than she did, showing what she called "the greater personal value of a person when he is trusted."

And we also expect that not only the film and television industry, but also more other industries will face up to the problem of women's employment, including unequal pay for equal work, gender inequality, and try to find solutions. Start with a greater trust in the weak and more respectful of the weak. Of course, not only the industry, but also, as employees, we can get up now, stand up for gender equality, stand up for a better working environment.

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