A recent Dcard article entitled "Because of domestic violence, I've got the first award for the film show" has flooded the spotlight. The author created a one-minute short film, is a girl non-stop painting a happy family photo, but the background is constantly coming from the parents of each other's abuse. Asked by the director who was looking for such a lifelike voice, she said she didn't have to look for someone special, because that's my family's daily routine.

"Today is my birthday, my parents are helping me celebrate the birth, we are very happy. I love my home. 」

A one-minute short film entitled "Diary Diary" won the first prize and top 10 of the 2019 Croesia One Minute International Short Film Festival. Content for the little girl to write down the birthday, the whole family for their own warm words. While drawing and father, mother three people love each other picture. At the same time, however, you can hear the constant sound of parents clamoring and arguing. In just one minute, the girl grew up in an environment of fear and violence and had to resort to her home in her diary.

The so-called happiness became the biggest lie. And this is probably the childhood that many children have been or are going through.

Without recording additional background music, that's the real violence in my house every day.

On September 22 , the film's director , Ye Yizhen , spoke on Dcard , revealing that behind the work , he was telling his own family story .

"I grew up full of parents quarrelling and domestic violence,......, can be said to be three days a small quarrel, five days a big quarrel,......。 I also often quarrel with my parents, by my mother to enjoy the palm, splash drinks, by my father pushed to hit the wall, hit the ground, take a chair, hit the mouth bleeding. "When
parents quarrel, my father throws things, throws his mother, and her mother screams and swears. "

Growing up in an environment full of abuse and physical violence, the girl once sobbed to her mother, "Why not divorce", but only in exchange for "children don't say this, we don't have a father will be bullied by outsiders" reply. And she then looked back at her father, and could not say any love. She said he only hurt. (Editor's recommendation:"There is no non-parents in the world" this sentence, how much harm to home? ) )

So, when someone asked her if the one-minute film's background was so loud, who was looking for it to record it? She made no secret of the need to find anyone, which is the usual voice of our family.

And, unhelpfully, when she passively or actively tried to ask for help, she often had no results:

The police also came forward because of the neighbor's whistleblowing, and they were unable to do so.
tutor said, "It's my problem, I should be considerate of my parents,"" I asked. "

Without the support of the mother, without the care of the tutor, and without real recourse to public power. In those years, girls lost support from home to outside. We see that domestic violence is easy to be regarded as a domestic matter and that outsiders are not allowed to intervene, or that they are treated or dealt with in terms of "children should be subject to parental discipline" and "the world is not a parent". The truth is, however, that we rarely see that parents are also the source of harm;

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

"My family is so lovely, clean and happy" This is not a song for me

Home became a space of fear, lost a sense of belonging, and she fled the house to live in the homes of relatives or friends. Until one day she finally grows up and can really move out of the place.

After a lonely, loveless childhood, broken and self-contained, not sure what has been lost; (Recommended reading: Everyone may be a victim of domestic violence, talk about the warm water-boiled frog effect)

"Growing up, I have always admired other people have happy families, parents love, some people go to college will think homesick thought of crying. I wish I could do so, but I can only dream of quarrels and beatings. 」

In the film, the girl draws the family photo of happiness and joy. Think of the classic composition we wrote as a child, "My Home", or the classic ballad "Sweet Family", which is a distant dream for children who have been subjected to domestic violence. We are used to portraying a perfect home that beautifies the look of the home, but relatively few take the initiative to focus on the broken families, who need more love and warmth from the whole society. (Want to give you: Ten cards to cure the scars of domestic violence in Taiwan)

Now that the girl has grown up, Ye also really made this short film, like also comforting the heart of that full of scaly children. Want to tell her, it's all right, you used to be deprived of a lot of noise and violence, and now you can get your voice back. And stand here to encourage more people who have experienced the same trauma:

"I just hope that people who have experienced domestic violence will live happily, work hard for their lives, and not become any character in the film." 」

If we are to be the family of anyone, i hope we are all welcome to each other and cherish each other's relationships.

I hope that you will be my warm winter and cool summer, happy and well-being.