As for the fall romance, the "seasonal romance" signs of a summer breakup, take a look at a few of yours!

When it's cold, it always makes people want to nest together to keep warm, whether it's a bowl of hot soup, or eat a hot pot, is the warm light of winter night. But you know what? Autumn and winter in addition to people want to eat hot food, the original will make people particularly want to put in a relationship? According to The Independent, one psychological condition is called Seasonal Dating.

Seasonal relationships are not a medically proven disease, but psychologists have found that when the weather cools and the year-end holidays are more severe (Christmas, New Year), these people will find someone to keep warm together and start a relationship. But as long as the winter is over, when it comes to summers that are suitable for travel and revelry, these people will want to break away from a stable relationship and miss the freedom to be single, so their relationship is never more than a year. This phenomenon is called seasonal relationship sickness.

Have you ever met a partner who suddenly changes his personality in the summer? Why do you have seasonal relationships? How do you know whether you are this group of people, but also how to look at such a psychological phenomenon? Let's see what people with seasonal relationships are thinking together from real experiencers. (Recommended reading: Five things to know before falling in love)

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I want to fall in love in winter, I'm not ready to settle down.

Relationship psychologist Madeleine Mason has pointed out that seasonal relationships are common in dating groups in their 20s.

The head of the online media platform PassionSmiths also said: "People with seasonal relationships often want to break up from a relationship on the pretext of having fun in the summer and getting along with friends, but in essence they need to break up because they can't make up their minds to put in a stable relationship." They usually think they can settle down at any time, but they can't. They don't realize they can't do it until the moment they're determined to build a long-term relationship. 」

The Independent also interviewed people with seasonal relationships, including 27-year-old Lucinda Burton-Thompson, who said: "After nightfall, when I was walking down a fallen street alone, I always wanted to have a boyfriend. I want someone to accompany me on the sofa, with me hand in hand skating. But as soon as I get into spring and summer, I feel like,"I've had enough of it," and I want to break up, I want to be alone - and summer nights are really good for fun. 」

Samantha Moore, who has been in seasonal relationshipford for a decade, says she has only been single for Christmas since she was 16. "Every autumn, I start looking for a new boyfriend because I don't want to live alone in the winter, which is frustrating," she said. 」

People with seasonal romantic disorders, in fact, is not not unloved, is not ready to seriously love. They are more likely to have a "valid term" than to suffer from each other for long periods of time in an intimate relationship.

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These four symptoms determine if you have seasonal relationships

  1. You can't accept a person in winter, especially during the Christmas/Cross Year, so you will start looking for the right partner in the autumn.
  2. After the winter, around Valentine's Day (or three months after a date), you'll start to get bored, impatient, and start looking for excuses to spend less time with your partner, or deliberately do something that makes it easy for the two to quarrel.
  3. Then you'll have the idea of "being single" in your head, and then you'll take the initiative to break up, or do something to get your partner to break up.
  4. You've done this at least the last three years.

Unwilling to spend time with the heart to operate a long-term relationship, wait for the winter, feelings also follow the disappearance of the "seasonal love disorder", behind the reflection is that people are not prepared to put into the relationship, may be afraid of injury, may not be lonely, may also be emotional, so let people adapt to the season, want to find someone to "warm up". (Recommended reading: Stay single!) Finding someone to support you is more important than falling in love.

If you're in a seasonal relationship, or you've had a partner who's had seasonal relationships, i hope you know, it's not you, it's a stable relationship, and the price and cost for everyone is different. So what you can do at this stage is be honest with yourself and honest with others.

Perhaps the day of psychological preparation will come soon.