2019 Women's Film Show X Gender Power, for your film review "Hunting Men" to talk about women's revenge story.

Gender Force X 2019 Women's Film Festival, we're choosing for you, using movie language, talking about contemporary gender issues.

Lady Hunter, a lady hunter, is officially Chinese translated as "Hunting Man." Three middle-aged mothers were on vacation, but heard of a sexual assault. The perpetrators, who were not punished, wandered around town. The girl victim was hunted down by public opinion even if she moved far away. Their anger has nowhere to go. Good moms then put down their chores, put on a leather mask, and become a vengeful goddess. What they want to hunt is in their eyes, the society has always "lightly let go" of those who sexually assaulted the perpetrators. (Extended Reading: The Temptation of the Next Woman: The Gaze ofa Woman of Love, Desire, And Revenge)

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"Men - potential rapists?" If the people who committed the tyranny were just ordinary people,

Three middle-aged mothers, finally sent away the husband and child, can be with the sister shopping carnival vacation. Long-lost gathering, whispering gossip.

"Do you know?" He's out of jail, the murderer. Well, I guess he's not. After all, she's not really dead. 」

"Are you talking about the man who locked the underage girl in the garage and had his friends take turns having sex with her?" 」

"Make love?" Was it raped, right? Is it? 」

Their tone, and a little uncertain. It was thought that sexual violence was too far away from daily life. Across the news, across the screen, across the private language, the Buddha event said, the cloud light wind. But this time, for the first time, the three women realized that the prisoner was in the town next door, just a few blocks away from them. The camera is transferred and transferred, and they are trapped by the topic, changing from the bedroom to the store and then to the restaurant.

"But I mean, how could his friends get on her?" Is he showing off at the bar, hey, I handcuffed a 14-year-old girl to my garage wall, do you want to her? 」

"Then the others thought, "Really, I've never put my dick in a girl who hates me and kicks me and calls me." It seems to be full of fun. It's just animals. 」

"They're not all animals. I mean, my David isn't, neither is your Tim. 」

"The Hunting Man" talks about another collective vision of sexual violence. Who would have committed such a heinous case? The dehumanizing rotation of rape takes place in a small town that can't be more common - they may all be well-behaved people, husbands and sons. Share a library with us and nod and greet you at the same bar. Before they go into the garage and rape the girl, they even remember to bring a drink with them and make good money.

Why is this happening?

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The Good Woman Changes to A Certain: The Transformation of A Woman's Revenge, Not Just a Change

"There must be more than one person. Like a secret society, there are dark ones for each other, so that they can find each other and commit crimes together. Killing, hunting, raping, and so on. They get drunk and the more they talk about it. Conspiracy theories spread like a virus, and once you start to suspect, you want to stop, and you can't stop. So, they dress up, follow the line to lure men to revenge. The fear and uneasiness of mothers is also a microcosm of society as a whole, with nothing we can do and always want to do something about it.

Mothers dress up like street girls to commit crimes, cross-dressing seems exaggerated, and a little funny, but also pointed out the duality of this identity.

When a good woman becomes a bad woman, this kind of transformation also implies that the woman's identity is not always binary: a good woman, a bad woman, a woman from Ikea in Yicheng, a woman in the wind, a conciliatory woman, a vengeful woman. A thousand faces, in fact, are the same as us.

The horror of sexual violence lies in making us forget its mediocrity

Back to the movie finale. Different groups of women, like whispers, point out stories of sexual violence in an unnamed town.

We always portray rapists as beasts to distance people from evil and to reduce guilt -- perhaps easy -- "He's always been like this" and "he likes to solve problems with violence." By drawing a line between the Buddha and these people, the problem can be blamed on the individual.

It is just that, in the face of sexual violence, as a listener, it should also be re-examined, which language is described? What cases are usually encouraged or reinforced? What are the cases that are more likely to be hidden or ignored?

"The Hunting Man" isn't just a female revenge movie, it's discussed, it also takes us straight into the mediocrity of sexual violence. And its mediocrity, it is about everyone's choice. Revenge in the shadows may not be the only way. The film asks questions, we are angry, we are sad, feel the same. But the next step in the pain, the answer must be our own find out.