The fashion world has undertaken a dramatic shift in recent years, and the most notable of all is Rihanna's brand, Savage X Fenty, which takes you to see the three highlights of Savage X Fenty's annual fashion show.

Rihanna has proved once again that body and beauty should not be limited, completely non-existent.

You may rarely pay attention to the brand show, sometimes even like me, just appreciate the design, some look at the beauty, some how to see do not understand, and finally feel that about fashion and beauty, everything is far from their own.

But Rihanna's Savage X Fenty fashion show of the year is for you, for all the girls.

Savage X Fenty has always been a multi-faceted, lingerie-designed girl in all shapes, and the concept is perfectly presented at Savage X Fenty's annual fashion show this year (2019) as a category of musicals musical) shows off its own lingerie design, blending music, dance and catwalk to convey the spirit of "Every women to feel sexy".

Images: Screenshot of the Youtube trailer

On the corner, you'll find that the Savage X Fenty show includes girls of a diverse complexion and body shape, each of which is very different but beautiful. If you've never seen a fashion show before, then this is the perfect opportunity to try and see; if you look at a fashion show every time you always feel like you'll never be able to be like a model on stage, you're just trying to tell you that there's a show here that's open for you and set up for you.

Take you to the Savage X Fenty fashion show three highlights, in addition to the shocking visual and auditory effect, but also hope that you can be moved after watching the show, but also have more courage to accept every good and bad on the body, you are beautiful, you deserve to be embraced by the world.

All girls can stand on stage, even if you're surrounded by Gigi Hadid

"I've been looking for those that, when it comes to lingerie and sexappeal, are not usually featured in the fashion world - reflecting how this society views 'sexy'

Can you imagine how beautiful all girls look when they stand on stage in sexy and comfortable underwear and pose with the most confident posture? Savage X Fenty's annual show invites not only Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Bella Hadid and others, but also for inviting girls from all walks of life: make-up artists, fashion bloggers, dancers, choreographers, actors.

They all stand on the stage, with the models to show the most confident and beautiful side, perhaps the show has never been models and non-models, some are a group of proud girls for their own. (Recommended reading:The Real Catwalk 200 people catwalk fights back against Victoria's Secret: The Real Is the Best!) ) )

Images: Screenshot of the Youtube trailer

Reality never needs to be covered up, the body twists the most beautiful look

Rihanna said in the film: "The choice of a show determines the value of the brand, the value we defend is the integration, this is the value of all my design to defend." 」

Your first feeling in the whole show will be real. There are also transgender people, girls with prosthetic limbs and freckles on their faces, and so-called big size models who don't use any clothing or makeup to hide what they see as "defects", and they don't stop twisting, and the real women power is really powerful. You feel that all the dance stoicism is an attempt to break through some kind of restriction, a framework that girls carry for a long time, and a social critique of non-mainstream beauty.

To use the word Savage, it may be the best compliment to them, because being the truest self can be wild, disobedience, and bumpy.

Images: Screenshot of the Youtube trailer

When you watch this show, you don't want to be something.

Some shows will make you reminisce, and more often you'll feel like", "I want to be like them," but after watching the Savage X Fenty fashion show, you think not of being something, but being yourself, and that feeling will stay strongly in your heart.

You feel that beauty can really be like this - without beautiful teeth, slender legs, white face, full of lines of arms, delicate makeup, and then say it is a kind of confidence beauty. Beauty can just shake hair on the stage, free twisting, let you unconsciously identify, and even think, now I can do it.

Starting on 9/20, savage X Fenty fashion show can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video, a show dedicated to all girls, and in addition to feeling Rihanna's intentions and ambitions, I hope you can be as moved as I am, after watching the show. Is to start to believe that any girl can really, can now become the most beautiful self.