With regard to D.amp;I, Mercedes-Benz chose to start by letting employees practice, and starting to listen and communicate, and to see the diversity and integration promoted by Taiwan-based Mercedes-Benz.

There are many aspects to talk about diversity, such as society, family, campus, and can also occur in all walks of life, such as the so-called multi-integration in the workplace (Diversity and Inclusion). Starting in 2019, we've visited different industries, looking forward to seeing the different workplaces and understanding how the concept of D.amp;I is being implemented in the workplace.

Today we came to Taiwan Mercedes-Benz, which is on Minsheng East Road, to interview Chen Yunru, associate of the Public Relations Department, and Sun Meishi, associate associate of the Human Resources Department, to talk about the process of Mercedes-Benz's push for D.Amp;I.

Liberating the bondage of enterprises from open space

How can such slogans be presented by entities by an organization that emphasizes communication and transparency? An example is an open office. The former Mercedes office had more personal space, with a separate small room, but changed from the beginning of 2019, and now look at the entire office, with more openness and free movement for everyone.

"When I first came here, there was an office, and people didn't know me, so when I came in, i would knock on the door, and that was the bondage of space, " Chen said. 」

Photo: Supplied by Taiwan Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes has been on the taiwan stage for 15 years, and they think it's time to make some changes, whether it's hardware space repair or, with the times, respecting everyone's way of working, and the company has the responsibility to change the old-fashioned work environment.

In the early stages of the design, Mercedes wanted to inject the concept of "Less me, more we" to make the team communicate more fluidly, so it took away the executives' offices and worked together in open space, providing more space for everyone to rest, and taking a wireless approach. Let everyone have their own place, but also free to work elsewhere.

Although open, Mercedes-Benz also did not ignore the privacy of the individual, we visited at the same time, but also saw the "telephone booth" lovely design, want to work alone, talk on the phone, close the door can be isolated everything.

"I can feel the biggest difference is that communication between colleagues is faster, " Chen said. " When a room is there, there is always a desire to knock on the door, and that feeling of knocking on the door actually represents a hierarchy. 」

Open Space is not just an open space, but an invitation that doesn't matter class, gender, or age, welcome to discuss. Chen Said.

Of course, in the process of promoting change, there are also people who are difficult to adapt to, Mercedes-Benz has used the opportunity of internal strategy seminars to invite supervisors and employees to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of change.

"The fact that the views of all parties are actually the presentation of Diversity and Inclusion, that is, knowing that everyone has different ideas, and although the final decision does not fully meet the needs of everyone, it does not mean that I will skip this discussion because of the discussion process, It's also a way for people to feel like I have a chance to speak out, which I think is important and a respect. 」

Photo: Supplied by Taiwan Mercedes-Benz

Any small matter is worth the attention of the enterprise

Also talk about Mercedes's two plans, Buddy Program and She's Mercedes.

In view of the past talent loss situation, Mercedes found that part of the reason is due to the lack of understanding of corporate culture, new personnel have a situation, but not very interesting to ask questions to supervisors, predecessors, so Mercedes-Benz launched the Buddy Program, that is, will arrange the same grade partners, even cross-sectoral people, to help all new people integrate into the business.

From hard equipment to the company's surroundings, where to eat lunch, where to meet, these may seem trivial at first glance, but often frustrate new recruits, so through this Buddy Program program, you can bring all the private problems to the table to talk about.

Photo: Supplied by Taiwan Mercedes-Benz

On gender issues, Mercedes also mentioned She's Mercedes' plans. Originating from the proposal of internal staff, they perceived the pain of female driving, but also in order to promote female empowerment, and then continue the culture of the culture transformation of the atmosphere, then with the concept of "Perfect to I Am Perfect", holding women's parties, from driving experience reading sessions, and yoga classes, the ultimate goal, It's all about wanting experience to be shared.

Through the experience link, let all girls know, even if not perfect what? We can try to make the days richer.

Photo: Supplied by Taiwan Mercedes-Benz

With regard to D.amp;I, Mercedes chose to start by letting employees practice and start listening and communicating, so we saw a different look in a workplace where you have the right to choose the way you work and the pipeline to make your ideas come true, and as a business, you have to take responsibility. Let employees see the possibilities of being in the workplace.