October National Army joint wedding, the original three pairs of gay couples to participate, two of them because of the abuse attack by netizens and quit. The slur said, "No men or women, there is a morale" "in the same-sex dormitory can be every night the gun training" "is there any hope of such a national army" You will find that the army's hidden gender myths still exist.

In September 2019, the Ministry of Defence said it would open up registration for same-sex couples at a joint national military wedding to be held at the end of October. By the deadline, one pair of Air Force and two Navy same-sex couples were enrolled. As soon as the news came out, some people congratulated him, but it also drew criticism from his fellow critics.

We took some news reports below. It can be seen that, although marriage is legal in Taiwan, there is still a part of the community, very unfriendly to the gay community.

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Under intense pressure from the outside world, the couple decided to pull out of the joint wedding. The result is a bit of a pity, and it adds to the question that, although same-sex marriage was legalized in Taiwan on May 17, 2019, do same-sex marriages or couples still need to worry about "seeing the light of day"? So, is there still a line that has not yet been overcome with the human rights and equality that we aspire to?

The marriage has passed, sexism is still

Let's push back the clock to May this year. At that time, we stood at the screen, watching how the marriage bill passed, witnessed a moving and excited moment. (If you want to review, here can be relive: Gender Newsletter , the marriage law was officially passed today, dear we get married!) ) )

The good news has since spread around the world, attracting the attention of international media such as the BBC. Putting the world back from the world back to Asia has inspired the LGBTQ-plus in Japan and South Korea, and Taiwan did blow the wind and create influence. (Same-field update: "Taiwan lets us see hope! With Taiwan as an example, Japan and South Korea should also push for marriage together .

In the euphoria, we also want to look back, more delicately face the real situation.

It is a matter of comfort and joy that the rights and interests of comrades can finally be protected by law. But in fact, many comrades will still be subjected to the public or relatives of the unforegoing, scolding, ridicule, or an invisible but great pressure.

As far as the marriage of the National Army is concerned , according to the United News Network , the original plan to participate in the joint wedding of the new man Bin Xiaostep said : "Although the newly enacted legislation has just been approved , the Ministry of Defense acted in accordance with the law , the other half applied to participate in the joint wedding of the three armies also passed , but at a sensitive time in the presidential election , we both deliberated after the big picture , this year declined to participate in the navy joint wedding . " 」

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Previously, we did an interview with Bruce Knotts, chairman of the United Nations NGO/DPI Committee: "Comrades can get married, not on behalf of life without discrimination, " and in-depth discussion, gay life is not just marriage, but more protection.

"You can get married and don't mean that your comrades are in their lives and they are no longer discriminated against." Life is not just about getting married, life is about your right to work, your right to live, how you are viewed in society, these are very realistic aspects of life, and these are not guaranteed. 」
Bruce Knotts, Chairman of the United Nations NGO Committee on Public Information

Picking up soap, good, motherhood: toxic masculinity

Speaking of the National Army, let us also talk about gender stereotypes and sexism in the military, how to oppress gay communities and negative characteristics. (Recommended reading:"Gender watch" 6,000 people, why not women use the military? ) )

You may have seen the phenomenon. When you hear about a friend who's about to join the army, someone jokes, "Be careful to pick up soap." In fact, "jokes" like this, associated with soldiers, are also a fear that they will not be strong and resilient "real men".

When men are raped, men are expected by society to be manly, as if they will disappear. This is why many male victims often find it difficult to complain about their sexual violence. Read:"He raped me, I was kicked out of the army": New York Times reports six men accused of sexual assault in US military

The cultural implications behind this incident are also the exclusion and hunting of negative traits, which can also be explained by "toxic masculinity".

"Assuming that a society has only one version of masculinity and femininity, it is simply a mistake. For example, the male subculture presents a variety of versions of masculinity traits, and heterosexual, dominant female masculinity is very different from patriarchal performance. 」
- Gender scholar Raewyn Connell

Gender equality, always need to be better

Back to the early Days of the National Army wedding. Behind the single incident, there is a reflection of the many things that we still have to work on and improve.

  1. The protection of gay rights and interests should be broader, not limited to marriage, and sex education plays an important role in this area.
  2. There is still a cult of masculinity in the military, and the public's perception of male and female gender stereotypes is still deeply rooted.

When taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage, it does not mean that issues relating to gay rights and gender equality are addressed. Instead, we need to see a lot of subtle unfinished things. (Extended reading: Express, British lesbian couple attacked: forcing us to perform a kiss and get beaten without doing it)

Same-sex marriage is legal, good, and the path of gender equality, perhaps, is called a barrier and long, always have room for us to continue to work, always worth and better.