How to manage life with Ganttdiagram? These three steps let you understand at once!

Time management ah, said wearing is actually life management, who do not want to have the freedom to control their own lives?

So you may start to look at a lot of time management methods, listen to what a lot of people who make good use of their time say, read a lot of books taught by experts, etc. But after absorbing so many methods, do you remember what you wanted? Are you sure you can really live out your own freedom from other people? Perhaps before you know more, you should ask yourself what kind of life you want to live through "manage time".

2020 Women Fans Play time Hand book, hope to use the hand account as a carrier, accompany you to find a way to record your life, including a variety of features, including monthly notes, weekly notes, three different format notepages, one-day challenges and so on. This year, a new "Ganttchart" was added. Ganttu is originally a record tool for managing time and progress, responding to the needs of various life patterns and work conditions, including project management, planning schedule, etc. But in the 2020 Women's Book, you'll find that the seemingly "work-using" Gantt chart can actually be used flexibly in life.

Here's a look at the three uses of ganttcharts!

Big plan, split up to do better to achieve

In the Women's Fan book, 12 Gant charts are divided into a month-in-one dimension, which can be written into the Gantchart chart for the most important plans for each month, to achieve task dismantling and time management!

First of all, for you to demonstrate the "move plan", can be split into a breakdown including looking for a house, signing, contact moving company and so on. Write down the details that correspond to the large plan and pull out the corresponding timeline length to get a complete picture of the schedule and time.

Want to get into good habits? A tick can slowly accumulate.

If you've always had a habit of trying to develop, why not try it with ganttcharts?

If you want to live a healthier life, write down your vision of health, such as exercise, early sleep, drink more water, eat less junk food, and then tick (or other tagging methods) to mark the day you have implemented, and you will find that every day you are trying to be a better self!

Not used to bookkeeping apps? Gantttu can help, too.

At the end of the day, open the bookkeeping app and forget where you're spending your money.

Try writing in-line expenses such as meals, entertainment, etc., and making bookkeeping less difficult and closer to us through the date-splitting Gantchart. When we can clearly understand the flow of money, grasp wealth, from the ideal life of the day, perhaps no longer far away.

Everyone wants to make a full life and live a wonderful life, but everyone has a different approach, and there is no way to really apply to everyone. 2020 Women's Fanbook Book All You want to do is to provide you with flexible, all-in-one tools that let you find your own way of thinking about your ideal life!

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