Moderate sex Karezza refers to not having orgasm as the goal of having sex, but by touching, gazing, hugging, kissing, etc., so that each other without stress, to achieve a true intimacy. Sex therapists also point out that this is an effective way to help them regain intimacy.

When two people are together for a long time, you clearly feel that the number of sex essex decreases, and that you are more depressed, and perhaps the quality of sex is reduced. No longer passionate about the other person's body, no longer know how to find the frequency of fit; sex is clearly a matter of happiness, but why is there something less between two people in front of you?

Today we're going to talk about sex, there's a noun for sex, "Karezza," and "gentle sex." Refers to the sexual intercourse process, as far as possible to delay the ejaculation time, not orgasm as the end of the sex, so that each other can persevere in the orgasm before the orgasm of the period of sexual excitement.

Karezza comes from the Italian language "carezza", which means "caress". It advocates gentle, delicate and affectionate skin contact to deepen intimate communication through touch, gaze, hug, kiss, etc. American sex therapist Jesse Kahn notes that Karezza's goal is not a fast-excited orgasm, but a slow, low-key emotional link tension. Even as early as the 19th century, alice Bunker Stockham, an obstetrician and feminist, had pointed out that Karezza would be able to increase marital intimacy and improve gender equality.

You can be very relaxed, you can enjoy, you can in a kind of untroubled emotional communication, carefully, hauntingly linked between two people frequency. Because it wants to tell you that no orgasm does not mean that this love is a failure. We also continue to delve into the magic of Karezza's sexuality. How will it improve your intimacy?

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"Sex is not a game" reduces sexual performance anxiety

Hey, when you're having sex, you're always thinking about how you're going to behave and how you're going to meet each other? So what if the boy is worried that he won't shoot out or suddenly softens off? Girls are worried that their vaginas are not moist enough what to do? In these hidden troubles, it also causes the pressure inside you, and then it may burst out.

Because you see yourself as an individual who "needs to behave" in this sex, not as a recipient of integration.

In this regard, Karezza's sexual behavior emphasis on touching, kissing and hugging, such as contact behavior, let all slow down, let you know that sexual communication with each other, not necessarily rely on the body's "perfect" performance. It's also especially good for women with erectile dysfunction or having no orgasms, and you'll be relieved to see that there are other ways to link you to your partner.

"Sex is not the end" You can start to concentrate on the present

American sex therapist Vanessa Marin notes that obsessive orgasms actually make most people's sex lives less enjoyable. You're like you're treating sex as a game, which makes it seem less important to reach orgasm.

But we can also discuss this, can the traditionaldefinition of orgasm bring real happiness? When you have a quick and ultimate sense of satisfaction, such satisfaction will also drive more desire. Layers of layer, we will easily get lost in the various pursuits of sex.

Thus, in the Karezza concept, emphasize that when you can feel complete calm, you get a real sense of satisfaction. It will reduce your partner's erection or wetstress, while allowing you to better understand the true meaning of enjoying the moment. You will be able to slowly realize that sex is a process of skin contact, expression of desire and love.

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"We can always love as long as you like" it makes sex last longer

Dr. Nan Wise, an American sex therapist who surveyed 500 heterosexual couples in 2005, noted that the average time it takes men to reach orgasm was 5.4 minutes, compared with 13.4 minutes for women. It is clear from this that the "time difference" between men and women in bed is evident.

So, when general sexual behavior usually ends in male ejaculation and reaches orgasm, does a woman enjoy it? Are they happy? it became a difficult subject.

It's just that Karezza's sexuality is intended to convey that even today you have had an orgasm and someone hasn't, and the sex between you can continue. As long as you like. Then, it may come with a surprise -- you find that the period of sexual excitement between you continues. Because when you practice no longer using extreme orgasms as intimate purposes, you have sex without stress or consumption, and you can maintain a high level of energy and well-being. Gentle and long. There's no end in sight!

"Honey, I finally feel you" closer to your other half

When you have Karezza sex, you will have a lot of emotions, with a relaxed heart. Including the oxytocin released from your body when hugging and kissing will give you warmth, happiness, and trust in each other. Also, Karezza's behavior, which does not pursue orgasms, will maintain a oxytocin balance and keep you in love with each other. Then you always feel closer to him.

Psychotherapist Liz Afton says that Karezza's sexual intercourse is a good treatment for couples or survivors of sexual trauma who have had a broken trust.

It slows you down and feels trust and respect, which in turn leads to deeper communication than traditional sex. Then you think of him, and you know he's comfortable with you from the heart to the body. You will be able to really close up.

The concept of karezza's gentle sexual intercourse lets us see that sex does not have an absolute beginning and end. It trains you to activate the sensitive belt of your brain and leads you to true physical and spiritual unity. It is like life, like everyday, it comes with emotion; So whenever, wherever, the first lesson in the intimate relationship of a gentle sexual intercourse is, I want to love you, And I know I can do it.