Recommend your three plays, to find the other half and anxious you, but also to the constant in love hurt you.

Once again, you find it difficult to talk about feelings.

There have been a few relationships, met a lot of people, have had a near moment together, but you often feel that these people are not their own.

If you are looking for the right person, or have a little want to give up the idea of love, we want to share to you these three films, in the play, they are like every you, hard love, hard love, but forget to find the right oneself at the beginning, or grasp the ideal type, but because they do not know themselves, but always hurt in love. Three plays teach you three truths, talk together about the so-called "right people", in the end there is no existence?

"When the Camellia Blossoms": The ideal type you think is not really right for you

Launched in September, the Korean drama "When the Camellia Blossoms" starring Kong Xiaozhen and Jiang Hena tells the love story of a single mother and a community patrol man. Actor Huang Longzhi was demoted from Seoul to a rural neighborhood because of his hands-on beating, and he always thought he liked a confident, intelligent, elegant girl until he met Dong Bo, a single mother who was running a tavern, in the neighborhood. (Recommended reading: Kong Xiaozhen's new play "When the camellia blooms": When the mother or fall in love)

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She's not confident, she's always talking, but when drunken guests ask her to laugh, she can say, "I only sell wine, it doesn't mean to laugh at you." She's not smart, she doesn't understand half a sentence in English, but she'll go to the bookstore and turn over the original Harry Potter manuscripts, go home and copy them hundreds of times, just to write down the "That's Ok."

"It turns out that a person's feeling can be flipped in three seconds. 」

We will always be looking for objects, set a lot of conditions for each other, to be brave, to be autonomous, to be considerate, to have the same interests with themselves but all meet the conditions, is not necessarily the right person. So at this moment you also do not worry, first try to relax the heart, more contact with the crowd, perhaps in the ideal list outside, will also find the heart-moving and suitable for their own objects.

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Tall Girl: Always love yourself once before you know who you should love

Netflix's latest film, "Girls And I'm Tallold," tells the story of how Judy, a 187-centimeter girl who is only 16 years old, can regain her confidence. In the film, the girl Judy has been for their own tall man feel troubled and low self-esteem, until the encounter of the same height 187 cm transfer student - Steiger, from appearance to interest, fully in line with Judy's boyfriend standards, although with the courage to fall in love, but her inner inferiority has been unable to eliminate the dragonfly.

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Do you really know what you want now? Many times we are anxious to put in a relationship, in each other to get self-confidence, warmth, but these by the outside world to give you the power, can not completely solve the problem, once the two people have passed the sweet period, no longer as in the past immediately reply to the message, a phone call to your side to give comfort, You don't know who to find your worth from.

Inner black hole, only their own can fill, clear the needs of the moment, love yourself once, you will know how to love. (Recommended reading: You're looking not for the right person, but for being right)

"Love Playlist": "The Right Person" is the time to run

The very short online drama "Playlist of Love", each episode only 10 minutes, the fourth season of the show, tells the three men and women between the secret love, love, break up, compound stories.

(Below micro-drama, can be viewed at your discretion)

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One of the play's lovers, sage, wise, after many break-ups and compounding, point out that the average person in the intimate relationship often has problems: jealousy, distrust, values are different, however, we also realize time and time again, in fact, no life can become someone's " right," but constantly try to try again in the relationship, to give in to each other, to run out.

Three films, recommended to the other half is looking for the other half and anxious you, but also to the constantly injured in love you, the right person, in fact, is not born to become, is through time, two people constantly try and adjust, you know in the relationship should be their own, some insist on being necessary, also know that occasionally have a small temper and bad habits, willing to give back a small step for each other. But a pair of feelings, is in spite of the twists and turns, will not let you lose, know that they are here, know that even if the other side accidentally hurt yourself, you will never forget to love yourself, will never forget their courage to have a lover.