Contraception has never been a one-sided responsibility, from "you should go to contraception" to let us talk about contraception together.

Recently, Taiwan's national referendum on abortion, a wave of discussion about female fertility, but also see that when it comes to abortion, contraception and other issues, often too much unfriendly to women.

In this way, I would like to talk about contraception, and see the girls' inner struggles - enjoying sex while worrying about pregnancy is hard to understand.

On the International Contraceptive Day (September 26), we talked about the myths of contraception in sex and the methods of contraception, and asked on Women's Instagram about the experience of communicating with the other half about wearing a condom, and from the response, we saw three kinds of anxiety when communicating about contraceptive use:

He says to feel the temperature, wearing a suit like a boot tickling: worried about not being able to enjoy sex

Most girls hear the response, the other half do not want to wear a condom to break the joy of sex, "wear ingested without feeling", "to feel the temperature", "" Wearing a condom uncomfortable", we can understand that some people in the hearing of these responses, will choose to agree not to wear a condom, we all hope that both sides in this sex has the same feeling, hope to meet each other's needs, so will think, it is better not to wear it, in each other's high-spirited, most feeling, often do not want to because of wearing a condom and destroy the atmosphere of the moment.

Whether you have experienced, or worry that you will encounter the same requirements later, if both sides do not want to have children at present, I hope you can know that meeting each other's needs is very good, but also must worry about their own feelings, there is a little discomfort, grievance, that is not the ultimate goal of sex hope.

Finally, if you're really worried that the other person won't be able to enjoy it, you can go further to understand the reasons behind it, perhaps not by condoms. The International Planned Parenthood Federation says there are many reasons why men are not sexually pleasured, either emotionally or physically, and that condoms themselves do not cause sexual problems. At this time you can more through the foreplay, groping each other's sensitive belt, but also a kind of fun. (Recommended reading:"Don't want to be a person, just want to have sex" actually contraception, but make you more easily orgasm three reasons)

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I said I was worried, but he was confident he wouldn't get pregnant: he didn't want to understand the other half's feelings.

Sometimes we also encounter this situation - the other half, based on personal experience, says they won't get pregnant, will find ways to avoid it. When hearing such an answer, the first time the mood is angry, there is worry, you angry that the other person does not take your concern stake, do not want to do any communication when they are afraid of any communication posture and response. Some may even encounter the other side further questioning, why the previous time can, this sex needs to wear a condom?

Some people will refuse directly at the moment, but do not have to condemn those who choose to agree, regret afterwards, because in various situations, it can make the girl's position waver, especially in the face of their own trust and close object. But also want and afraid of rejection of the girl said, if you really do not want to have children at the moment, do not have to because of a compromise, become the next sex the other side to reject the reason.

What do you feel, what you're worried about, try to say it, or lead the other person to recall a situation where you didn't use contraception, explaining why you can't refuse, after all, the process of sex, it's important to have a full sense of security.

Tried several times, still don't know how to wear: too little knowledge of contraception

From an early age difficult to speak out of sex, in the classroom is often sloppy, really into a sexual relationship, often because do not know how to use, directly give up contraception. Not wearing a condom is not a reason, in addition to wearing a condom, there are many ways to use contraception, including birth control pills, contraceptiverings, contraceptives, and even ligation.

However, it must be emphasized that contraception is the responsibility of both sides, not only girls take birth control pills, loaded contraceptive rings, boys do not have to do any contraceptive preparation, two people can spend some time to discuss, understand the failure rate of contraceptives, the extent of physical harm, so that each other have a consensus on sex. (Extended reading: Contraception is not just a woman's business! 13-3 contraceptives you can't understand )

We all know how important communication is before sex, but not every communication goes smoothly, understanding how many moments everyone has when their passion strikes, and if you feel you don't know enough about contraception and have a lot of worries, take a look: You want to know about contraception.

Contraception is not a single responsibility, from "you should go to contraception" to let us talk about contraception.