Minimalist Life Youtuber NanaQ out of the box, talking about how to make it easy every day through the women's 2020 PWT hand account.

"The path to minimalist life has gradually made me discover that time and space have changed, and I know what I want and live more freely!"
"Abandonment is also a struggle for me!" But now I'm going to focus on experiencing life, not satisfying material desires.
"For me, self-discipline should be able to make flexible adjustments under the original plan so that you can get things done even if you indulge."

NanaQ herself is a minimalist, sharing on YouTube how she has used minimalist thinking to live a "simple but happy" life, and each film is minimalist, 5-10 minutes long, with a quick focus! NanaQ, which pays attention to self-discipline and efficiency, writes down "To-do list" in the hand account every day, lists the work items, and then completes them according to priority, so as to prevent too much unnecessary waiting between projects and unknowingly waste time!

In a more efficient way to do her day job, NanaQ has more time after work to do things she loves, such as fitness, playing guitar, writing, cutting, and living a more colorful life without limits (extended reading: Slanted Youth: I want not multiple incomes, but multiple lives)

This belief in every day echoes the core concept of the women's 2020 play with time hand account, "Every Day Counts", precisely because every day counts, but should "make every day important!"

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Q: What does Every Day Counts mean for NanaQ?

NanaQ: "I know a lot of things are hard to change, but I believe in the 90/10 law (firm eyes). 10% of life is made up of what happens to us, and the other 90% is determined by how we react to what happens. Therefore, we should take good control of that 90%, put every day of their own good important. 」

Q: What's your favorite part of the 2020 play with time hand account?

NanaQ: "This hand account design is beautiful even (laughs) even the content is well planned, inside I like the self-explore part, the moon phase let me correspond to the inner truth." 」

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Q: Isn't it easier to record on your phone? Why write a hand account?

NanaQ: "Writing is one of the ways to accumulate happiness energy for me. Because in the face of all kinds of pressures in work and life, they will begin to have a lot of negative energy, when they want to be grateful to write down things, can quickly produce positive psychological feelings, feel that they are a lucky person.

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Q: What if I can't keep writing my hand account every day?

NanaQ: "Too tired to have a good rest, often grateful, a day without writing will not be what kind of - do not have pressure!"

Q: Give some encouragement to people who "want to have a happier life"!

NanaQ: "After class we give ourselves a few minutes to simply plan for the week ahead, then close our eyes and think about things that are worth thanking for today, and then write them down, the more the better." Because always unhappy is not the way, the day is always to pass. (Laughter)

Want to break away from a life that wasn't satisfying enough in the past? Try thinking from a minimalist perspective: "What do you really want to live?" What subtractions do you want to achieve?

The most important thing is to always keep a "grateful heart", from today on, write down, hand-booked every day important minimalist life, and NanaQ together to experience the "simple is happiness" philosophy of slow life.