Interview home. The new album, What I Want, wants to discuss the nature of the pursuit. 'We often think we want something in the distance, and we're desperately pursuing it,' she said. But when you go to someone else to find belonging, you've lost yourself.

This time the family appeared again, it seems not quite the same.

Her new album begins with the first person, "I want I Want I, Me, Mine," and she talks about these four words, she laughs and says, "Are you in her thirties, old sisters, do you need to wait for someone else?" She also opened a "break-up firm" on facebook, asking everyone who passed by to think about it once, what about you? Have you ever found the happiness you want?

'In fact, a lot of people are mistaken,' she said. When you are not happy, what you need most is not to find happiness desperately, but to look back and mourn their own unhappy.

Who has not suffered a few paragraphs: "If you want to have a home, you can have a home, that would be good"

And the first step is to try to practice and put down what you're most reluctant to do.

Once that thing, for her is love.

When you're young, you fall in love and treat each other as my own world, and everything will be happy like that: "When it's like a little girl, I'll imagine going for a lifetime, I can be your wife, you'll be my husband." Meet the person you love, want to find belonging in love, always feel that the other side is like giving themselves a home.

So you're always at ease, never thinking it's indestructible; when you think about a good future, you slip away from your hand, and your world breaks apart in an instant. How could he be.

If it's like / Family wine / want a home / Have a home / How good that would be -- family wine

"At that time I was so sad that I couldn't do anything, I just cried all the time. Recalling the loss of love, she asked, Do you know how it feels? I couldn't eat all week, "I didn't know it was like this." You'll cry to the pain. 」

Speaking of this memory, it was a long way ago for the family; So I can't help but ask, you look back, what would be the best cure? She hesitated a little, said then, look in the mirror do not recognize themselves. But it seems that one day, you suddenly open the curtain, found that the day gradually lit up: "You think what day today is it?" How long has it been? Anyway, tomorrow seems to be coming all the way. 」

You will see that time is like a gentle ripple, and if you can admit it to yourself, it will be willing to give it back. And that's all after the story.

"Actually, now think about it, I didn't do anything and didn't say anything to myself. I just keep crying. If there is any emotion, I have no tolerance. Throw yourself into a corner that has no link to the world and admit that there is nothing you can do right now. And that's the admission that it's actually the best way you treat yourself in the moment of injury.

Later, you know it's to confess to losing a love, giving up an imaginary home, the courage you've uplifted.

But the home you want can actually not be on anyone else

Back to the concept of "break-up". We talk about when you think you've lost something, you're desperately looking for it, and then you'll find out how you can't find, "Do you know why?" Because what you want is not outside. 」

"In fact, I believe that in terms of happiness, everyone has the original happiness exists. Just like when we were young, we'd be inexplicably happy, like when you saw flowers, or your favorite colors, and you'd be happy from the heart and want to smile. Those are real, and persistent, happy molecules.

"But when you've accumulated so much unhappiness in your heart, you forget about it." You start to look out. For example, if you go singing, dancing, driving, you go to the pursuit of pleasure. But at the end of the day you feel empty and start to get hurt, why do you feel like you're doing this? The family wants to say that this is a common disease of modern people. We are so easy to be distracted, constantly thinking about the answer, thinking that we are moving towards the answer, but did not think that it is actually a kind of loss.

Used to people coming/ Get used to the night/not all the bad/I want to be happy/Don't want to repeat the mistakes/ Don't reflect on you -- I want to be happy

"You forget that what you want has always been left to you. 」

You seem to be pursuing, but in the process, you never really let go of your hand: "The heart is like a warehouse, you have to clear your inner space, to reach out to embrace the next person." Otherwise, you're just accumulating the frequency of errors in the wrong direction.

So, break away from the church, not how to pursue, how to find a so-called right person. Instead, it is back, how to straighten out yourself.

"Is there this guy?" If marriage won't be happier, why give up being single

"But frankly, every relationship I used to have was based on marriage. Talk about feelings. When i fell in love, I wanted to group a family, think you can have a few children, happy happy: "And then you will slowly find, as if not quite right ah; 」

Without a common goal, then the hand is divided, she felt that the item to remove the heart of the stone: "I will want to say, come on, you hurry away." I'm still full of dashing. Oops, so sprinkling to the other side hates me. After that, she laughed herself and kept saying what to do.

She thought of her childhood, will be around her mother shouting, I want to be a singer later, "She will say, "A you go to the bath", "You study carefully, find a man to marry." But I would go back to her, "Why do girls have to marry and have kids like you?" At this point, she turned to me, "Then how to talk about love and want to get married, how to live more and smaller ah?" This time we all laughed.

But in the end, the girl grew up. Or rather, she just found herself.

"Now I feel that if you fall in love, you won't be forced to marry. Talk about feelings would be like this, I like you, you like me, can be good together, really not short of that piece of paper. 」

"Because so good trouble, there is a law, today if I let you down, you are also disappointed in me, we can not easily say scattered. 」

Just I looked back and asked, so now, have not yearn for marriage? She slowly mentions that a person still feels lonely and will of course wish to have a companion: "But I am not currently yearning for marriage." Because I'm still thinking, is there anyone like this guy? 」

There is no answer to this question, at this stage of yourself. She thought of falling in love before, and if she met someone she liked and wanted to attract someone, she would show what he wanted: "But not now, because it's boring." You're tired of me coming if you like it. I'll be myself. 」

"Actually, then think, not "not you", it should be that I don't want to get married. It's not that person's problem. She was like, "I'm right here, and I like to be accompanied by someone." But if you come and accompany me, it won't make me happier, but don't do it first.

The 36-year-old has her own home. She told me very simply that her home was very warm and that she could always be very comfortable. Today, no matter how late and tired she is playing outside, she will go home and lie down. Or, she can usually stay at home for a week without going out. So stay, belong to her a person's space.

"No one to look for, you don't owe anyone." She once felt that the so-called home could be established if "we" were to be established. But now she knows she can be her most reliable place.

I couldn't help but think of the song I sang at home, "How about you/Take me home / Don't leave me behind / Yes / Is you/ Hold me well / I'll be good." Take me home, said the original can be their own take their own home. Let go of those things you have been most reluctant to do;