Netflix reality show "Double-Decker" series in Red What? How will the love story of six people living in the same roof develop? Double-storey Apartment: Tokyo 2019-2020 teaches us three emotional lessons to share with you once!

When will we have the opportunity to witness the birth of a couple in close proximity and full participation?

It is precisely because in real life, such opportunities are few, so the japanese real love reality show "double-decker apartment" appeared, to meet the global audience, but also set off a discussion on the network.

"Double-Decker Apartments," a popular online reality show co-produced by Japan's Fuji TV and Netflix, is back in the top two years of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with the launch of the new season of "Double-Decker: Tokyo 2019-2020" to house three men and three women in a high-end pool apartment in Tokyo. Take a closer look at the outlook on life, values and feelings of contemporary Japanese men and women.

And these six people, and what kind of emotional lessons worth thinking about? The following three points to share, micro-thunder into.

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Care about you and like you, actually not quite the same

In the program, the actor "Matsuzaki Xiangping", who has lived in Taiwan, began by offering a dating invitation to the illustrator "Watanabe", saying that he was interested in her and wanted to talk more, while guitarist Yoshihara also revealed in the conversation that he was concerned about the fitness instructor "TianBian Li Xiaozi".

But as time goes on, we can see that in fact, Xiangping and Kenji these two male members, the feelings of the female members are not as strong as imagined, have advocated "I asked her to go out, just want to know more about her, does not mean that I really want to develop with him", "I care about her, but did not treat her as a lover." (Recommended reading: It's normal for people who like to dislike you not to like you)

So we understand that a relationship between two love, to go to a stable relationship, but also to go through several stages, not only to know, ambiguous, love the flat relationship, not only "to or not together" dichotomy, which has contradictions, hesitations, choices. If you're also hesitant to engage in a relationship, you might want to think about it with "want to go to the next step with this person."

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Take the initiative for a long time, who will not be tired?

"Double-storey apartment: Tokyo 2019-2020" taught us the second emotional lesson, is to take the initiative for a long time, whoever will be tired. At the same time is a racing racer, but also the actor's "Oshan Spring Flower" and fitness instructor and runner of the "Tianbian Li smile" are brave pursuit of love, big-aspect to the feelings of the people, but can not see each other's response, always their own initiative to approach each other, but also let the two female members feel tired.

Back in real life, we all have examples of this around us. No matter men and women, regardless of identity, there are always some people who are willing to go forward for love, there are always passive, always accept the love of the party. But love is like a board, is a two-way experience, if there is always only one party to pay, how to play this game?

If you're in a relationship, just someone who's not good at words and shy about expressing your feelings, you can also think rightly from the other person's point of view, and don't let the other person feel like you're always hot. It is also important to understand that in a relationship, anyone can be an active player, regardless of gender. Moreover, the active people will be because they know exactly what they want, but exude more charm! (Recommended reading: Essentials for old-school dating: girls, ask him out)

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Before chasing people, you should think about what kind of self you want to pursue

The appeal of "Double-Storey Apartment" is that, in addition to the beautiful, unscripted performances, it is also because we can see the shadow of ourselves or friends in it.

Have you ever met someone who doesn't know what you want and is desperately trying to pursue someone else? The show's 20-year-old boy, "Westfield Into the Good" is a representative of such a community. He grew up in a time of rapid change, receiving a lot of information, young, but also belongto in the juvenile's troubles - want to pursue the desireof, but always treated as a brother.

Perhaps, on behalf of the young ethnic group, the better should think, before chasing people, want to pursue what kind of self? Be yourself, and then have the opportunity to achieve a complete relationship.

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Since 2015, "Double-Storey Apartments" has gone through several chapters, including "Metropolitan Man and Woman," "Hawaii" and "Open Doors of Love," and in the latest Tokyo 2019-2020, we've been able to experience the awkwardness of the first six, the throwing of each other, and so on. But to describe the emotional subject of the quarter in one sentence, I would say:

Talk about feelings because it's possible to see better. If it's not better, why not just be single?

Love is pleasant, but it's based on risk, and the only way to reduce it is to understand each other, pay each other, make each other "better" happen, and expect "Double-Decker" to continue to air, bringing us a reflection on contemporary love.

If you want to catch a glimpse of the six main characters in the first episode of Double-Storey Apartments: Tokyo 2019-2020, read on.

Watanabe/28 years old/full-time illustrator. Photo: Double-decker apartment sfacebook

Matsuzaki Xiangping/25 years old/actor. Photo: Double-decker apartment sfacebook

Oshan Spring Flower / 24 years old / actor. Photo: Double-decker apartment sfacebook

Yoshihara/31-year-old/musician. Photo: Double-decker apartment sfacebook

Nishino into the stream jia / 20 years old / sports goods shop assistant. Photo: Double-decker apartment sfacebook

Tian Bianli Smiley/21 Years/Fitness Instructor. Photo: Double-decker apartment sfacebook