Handsome Lady, take you to see the Korean romantic comedy queen Kong Xiaozhen, when everyone comments that she is atypical heroine appearance, perhaps the appearance is really not as good as everyone's expectations, but if you believe that this life can have more than beautiful things worth pursuing, why must be tripped by all kinds of criticism?

You remember the Kong Xiaozhen is like this, the crowd is not particularly bright, but you can't help but look at her for a long time.

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People like to call Kong Xiaozhen is the queen of romantic comedy, and some people like to give her the title of "male god harvester", because she has cooperated with the red male stars, such as Kong Liu, Su Zhixuan, Che Shengyuan, Zhao Weicheng.

She is the ratings guarantee, every performance of the TV series can cause discussion, the recent launch of "the camellia blooming" is the audience of 10%, excellent performance. People love her fresh and natural acting skills, like her sense of zero distance, but earlier, when Kong Xiaozhen launched a new play, there will always be "male gods and pu-sister" "the heroine with what is her" voice.

In 1999 with the film "Wonder Woman 2" debuted, round face, a little sagging lips, laughing full of vitality, but in people's eyes Kong Xiaozhen, not up to the standard of typical heroine. With the growth of age, now Kong Xiaozhen no longer for their appearance and worry, she said, straight-haired people are always jealous of curly hair, eyelids people want to become a single eyelid, but rather hate what they have, let oneself heartache, it is better to accept their original, accept is not so bright, a little ordinary, but they are satisfied with Kong Xiaozhen.

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I tried to be beautiful, and then I found out I didn't have to be beautiful

Atypical heroine's appearance, so that Kong Xiaozhen and the eyes of the "male god" cooperation once, and again to come out to compare. At first, Kong Xiaozhen will also be because of not beautiful and sad, but later, she knew that the appearance can not change, and she is not willing to change, then put the focus on acting, she would prefer to work hard in acting.

In the beautiful person's interview, she once said: "The most hurt me to make the words have nothing to do with appearance, but no matter how I play, we all think I play almost, so I will always seek a breakthrough in the role, if this is so hard, still can not be recognized by everyone, will make me feel very hurt." 」

And most of the time Kong Xiaozhen is like this - her role is always a bit down, such as "Best Love" in the over-the-top actress with love, only to play ugly in exchange for the last festival goal opportunity; There are anxiety psychiatristichiIchi Haixiu, and the new play "When the camelling, accustomed to swallowing the single mother Dongbai."

Kong XiaoZhen play the role, occasionally you see gas, gas heroine why is always only Vinono, gas why she did things so impatient and unreasonable, gas she always tangled in strange places for a long time, and then she cried really ugly ah, the whole face wrinkled together, gritted teeth sobbing, to later, you look edgy also want to cry, began to feel that each character is you, Or me, it's her.

"If everyone is so beautiful, that's not funny." 」

The more true, let Kong Xiaozhen more have a unique charm. Such her, so that everyone can not help but think that beauty may have another definition.

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Pictures :@rovvxhyo

Pictures :@rovvxhyo

Perhaps life in Kong Xiaozhen is like this, a little pit scar, not so good-looking, whether it is appearance, or a person's characteristics, in real life is not beautiful. When the whole world is going to play a fairy tale to show you, she would like to play that fairy tale is not good at all, or even called the princess - you said I was with the male god, there is a romantic ending, I also want you to see, this girl has her bigotry and stubbornness, there is her cowardice and helplessness, the first second handsomely said to the hero " I don't like you any more," the next second hiding in the room crying, how wolfy, looks good funny, but that is how honest.

Then we learned that she never meant to tell us how good life could look, that sometimes it was a comedy, that the most vulnerable side should be taken out, admitted that she wasn't so good, and then made fun of herself. But in the end, finally can slowly find the direction of life, find acting is their life hope, perhaps the appearance is really not as good as everyone's expectations, but if you believe that this life can have more than beautiful things worth pursuing, why must be tripped by all kinds of criticism?

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The joys and sorrows of every stage want to show you

Some people once said kong Xiaozhen, said that she let girls like, because there is a sense of closeness, very common, without any threat.

That may not be the case.

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Kong Xiaozhen is aware of the girl's vulnerability, she put her own life stage of the state of mind, into the drama performance, people always love to ask her: how to pick a script? Why can you always put a character in everyone's heart? Is it true that she is always brave enough to break through the framework? Perhaps what Kong Xiaozhen wants to do is to present the truth to all to see it, so that all girls can feel more emplaced.

Just as the 20-year-old is low self-esteem, for their appearance and troubled by her own appearance, and once for the limited path of acting and into the low tide; 30 years old, she got the attention, but when she turned to the stage play, found that it was not as easy as imagined, laughing that the future may not try again, so know that some things do not have to choose to insist, give up is also a kind of courage.

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In his 20 years on the show, Kong Xiaozhen has made great achievements in the play, and although he has been named the queen of romantic comedy, Kong Xiaozhen said in an interview with Elle HK: "My characters are often looking for meaning in life, and love is only part of the process of life." 」

As for all the things about life, she tries to combine it in the characters: crying well, angry well, shame good, stubborn is good, so we see the actor Kong Xiaozhen, not the story of other people, but the story of all the girls, and such a real presentation, so that Kong Xiaozhen's beauty, beyond the line.

Straight-haired people are always jealous of curly-haired people, people with double eyelids want to become one-eyed skins, and I once wanted to be a bright-eyed actress. Now I'm happy with what I have, trying to change myself in a negative way, and making the real me disappear. To hate what you have, and then expect to have other qualities, will make your heart sick.

Kong Xiaozhen

I play the role, often are looking for the meaning of life, love in the course of life is only a part.

Kong Xiaozhen

It would be boring if everyone was so beautiful.

Kong Xiaozhen