The girls, who have more to understand their own body, have the feeling that they know what is "comfortable" and that they can enjoy more sex when they do sex!

Natalie Borman has performed in the film "Black Swan", and is not expected to receive an Academy Award for Best Actress.Some scenes of sexual love not only accelerate the breathing of the audience, but also spark a red heartbeat. It also motivates more women to look at the power of the "exploring self."More than 60 % of women in the United States have enjoyed the pleasure of their own sex (sole sex).Self-masturbation is not a perverted or abnormal move. On the contrary, masturbation is a natural, healthy sex pipeline.

A lot of girls worry that if they often come to themselves, they will not feel the other half of the excitement.In particular, the masturbation of masturbation is not only to make sense of the physical response, but also to make the private feel of the nerves even more sensitive, and to have the opportunity to know what stimulus the body wants.

Masturbation) or touch yourself is not a male-specific right, but because of the lack of sex and sex education, many girls never know how to face their own bodies and develop their own desires.We especially want to put together five methods for us to make ourselves happy.(Sibling: Why do Primary Six girls need to know masturbation?Yat Church Sex Class )

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Method One: Create your own private spacetime

The female character touches himself in the black swan, and the scene that she sits next to her is still fresh in the memory of many people. Of course, this is a big taboo and a way to avoid it.Create a mobile phone that is dedicated to your own space, turn off the mobile phone, leave the target, and reject any personnel who might be distracted by anything that might make it easier to make music or light candles in a bathroom or bed, create a space that lets you relax.We can relax our muscles and nerves in this space.

Method Two: Get to know yourself

If it is the first time it touches itself, it doesn't matter, it takes a little time to explore its own body.Take a mirror and look at your own private space in a private space created by this.Yes, take a good look at your body.Dear, the private place of the world is the most precious and mysterious place, and yet it has never been a good look at her.It will see some strange clitoris, vaginal, and vagina (vagina) of those teaching lessons, which are actually very cute in the same way.To recognize your body is definitely one of the key keys to increasing the index of sexual pleasure.

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Method Three: Find your exciting points

At first, you can use the fingers of the to try to rub your private place by pressing, kneading, or turning around, trying different levels of pleasure that are generated by different force.The clitoris is a sensitive part, and many girls do not need to be inserted into the vagina after giving full stimulus to their clitoris, and can reach the climax.If the solution is deeper, and when it is more humid, it is better to mix with the lubricating fluid to insert it slowly, to feel the body's response to the stimulus.Remember to touch on the different stimuli of different places, strength, and methods of their own body, those reactions will become part of the physical memory, and increase the chances of a later climax!

Method Four: Observe your orgasm pattern

It is important to observe your body reaction when you come.When it begins to touch itself, it is only by itself that the people who want to make it happy are themselves, and that they can find out how and how they react to them.You can't help but want to scream?Will it tighten the bedside bill or the toe?

Each girl's response to orgasm is not the same, and when it knows its own unique response, it will let the other half enjoy the fun of the other half, to know more about the degree of reaction to the brain, and to let the brain know more about "I'm going to orgasm" and replicate the same sensory experience.If each time they use their fingers to become fatigured, or if they want to spend more time developing their own bodies and observing their own body patterns, they can also use the spice things to find more of their own rhythm for themselves.

Method 5: Familiarization

If you try to touch your body for the first time, it might take a little time to get the feeling!Apart from physical stimuli, we can also begin to use some fantasized techniques, which can be the object of admiration or the scenes that you want to try. It is important for girls to be fantasized!(Extended reading: Farewell to death bed!Pawn Pawn 2.0 >: Sexuality is important to sexuality )