Seven secrets about hugging, and about falling back in love. If you still don't know how to hold him, quickly save this article!

"Honey, I want to hold! 」

How long have you not said this to the other half?

Couples spend late at night examining each other's close relationships. We are not only partners living together, but also sources of happiness for each other. Today, let's talk about hugging! When hugging, the brain releases oxytocin, increasing the attachment in the relationship. So holding him in your arms is your way of expressing your love. (Editor's recommendation: Give me a hug!) Study: "Embrace hormone" can be effective in alleviating pain in girls )

A few tips for hugging, this time, will let your romantic index skyrocket!

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You're safe in my arms: the secret of a frontal hug

1. Close to his chest: it turns out that each other's hearts are close to each other

Near the chest, there is a magical warm air field. It's also possible that there is the closest thing to the heartbeat.

So, when hugging head-on, try to fit each other's breasts. Tall you can put your hands around each other's waists, the smaller side, and let your hands around him. You will feel each other breathing and breathing together in such seamless contact, an indescribable proximity to the breath of life.

2. Put your head up: I don't know why I like you

Putting your head on someone's body is a dark sign of affection. It's like saying, I like you, or I miss you, do you know.

When you used to hug, you might have used to just lean against your chin or move your head somewhere else. But now, try to lean on his chest or face, and you'll feel the added romance.

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3. Touch his head by hand: let you know that I'm here

If you are the taller side, try gently stroking the other person's head with your hands while hugging! You can touch his hair, or just hold him warmly, and make him feel you're here, and I'm in your arms.

You can also add a little force at the right time to give each other a few seconds of deliberately giving a hug. Take a deep breath, close close, and then breathe slowly, relax, and return to your original position. Enjoy the process; you'll remember that body temperature from then on. (Same show: Why did he stop sleeping with me when he got married? To the couple's "seven-day love back" challenge)

4. Staring at each other's hugs: you're my soul mate

And when your bodies are going to be slowly separated, don't rush to let each other go! At this time, look at him well and don't talk.

Your hands can continue to rest on each other's shoulders and waists, staring intently at each other. Eye-to-eye is about the link and communication of the soul. At this moment, you are exchanging feelings deep in your heart. You know, he's deep, unshakable.

Want to Be Your World: The Tips for Back Hugs

1. Surprise from the back: You are my gift

Hugs from the back usually bring surprises. It was a moment when, suddenly surrounded by love. So, you don't have to do too much fancy things, just put your hands around his waist, give your body temperature, very sincere.

Every time, he quietly loved you a little more.

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Photo : Doctors

2. Overlapping Ring: When I deliver the most vulnerable to you

Do you know? The back is a very fragile part of the human body. Because we don't normally see our backs, it can be a particularly sensitive time when someone touches them.

So try to wrap him around him in a wrap around and let him fall into your arms. When two people's bodies fit closely, in body language, conveys the meaning that I want to take good care of you and protect you. He will know that he is in your warm and safe feelings.

3. Hold your head tight: I can hear your nose

If you belong to the higher side, just like, when holding him from behind, try to put your head on the other side's shoulder. At this time, you can also stroke his face or neck to increase each other's skin.

And if you're the smaller side, you can put your head on his back. At times like this, he will feel you particularly close.

The most profound thing about embracing is that it conveys the true body temperature without a gap. Whether it's commitment, trust, or care, by hugging, you know that if the other person needs to feel love, you can give it to him right away. No matter how long your relationship has gone, hold one occasionally! In life, you always need this romance.