The charm of Netflix's reality show "Double-Decker" is more than just watching others fall in love, but as viewers, we can always see that the protagonists, like us, have little worries about dreams, about life, about work. Today, let's use the story of the three main characters to discuss different work concepts and life choices.

Do you watch the reality show?

If you look, you probably won't miss the recent netflix reality show "Double-Decker"; if you don't, you'll want to know more about why the "Double-Decker" series, which features all-rounder, unscripted reality shows, can create sound around the world.

Why isNetflix's reality show "Double-Decker" so popular in "I care about you, but I don't like you yet?" In this article, we discuss the three contemporary love reflections that "Double-Storey Apartment" brings to us. But in fact, the charm of the two-storey apartment, but not just to see others fall in love, as the audience, we can always see the main characters in fact and we, all have about the dream, about life, about the work of the small troubles and small luck.

Today, let's use the story of the three protagonists in "Double-Storey Apartments: Tokyo 2019-2020" to discuss different work concepts and life choices.

Below micro-mines, be careful to enter.

Is the slash life to enrich yourself, or do you have no goal at all?

During a dinner at home, Matsuzaki, one of the men, talked about his work patterns and status, saying he had no focus. Because i want to be a director, so the university read the film-related department, but then became an actor, model, and at the same time like to write articles, write lyrics, and occasionally also poor paint workers. And the female member "Oshan Spring Flower" and he had the following dialogue:

Spring Flower: "So what do you really want to do?" 」

Xiang Ping: "I don't really want to do anything." 」

Spring flowers: "You may have to find the target first"

Xiang Ping: "Because I always come across things that I can keep trying." It's too difficult for me to specialize in a field of thinking, and I can't understand it at all. 」

Spring flower: "But I think you have to pick the object of these words, because I can understand you, but if someone hears you don't know what you're going to do, won't they hold back?" You can say that to others, but you can still think about what you want to do. If you say to someone, "I want to do this, and I want to do it, " i'm afraid someone else will just think you don't have a center. 」

Xiang Ping: "I can't understand yes, anyway, people who think like that will gradually die, let them say what's the harm?" People who can specialize in one thing are very handsome, but if a person has a lot of things to do, in this era is possible to do, it is also very handsome ah. 」

Growing up in the network era of us, less geographical influence, more opportunities to develop multiple interests, slash workers are also more and more. Some people sit in the office during the day, talk about talk shows at night, some people work as actors, while working to experience life, there is no so-called standard "work look", only we want to pursue the future.

At the same time, we should understand that doing a lot of things does not mean being very capable. One of the female members of the "Watanabe" also at the end of the dialogue mentioned that "if only the false name has no real strength, it is very unrealistic", pointing directly to the slash culture has evolved to the present phenomenon - many people yearn and rush, but ignore the importance of strength training.

Unable to focus on one job, like to switch between multiple roles, as a slash youth, it's no problem of itself. The question is, do we really have the capabilities that these roles need? If the inability, but still satisfied with being a slash youth, then perhaps is really only a false name. (Recommended reading: Thinking about slashlife?) Having "self-management skills" doesn't hurt yourself)

Pictures: Netflix Screenshot

Pictures: Netflix Screenshot

Want to quit your job and pursue your dreams! If you're so good, is it called a dream?

After the program aired, as a full-time illustrator's female member of the "Watanabe Xiang Weaving" instantred, we all appreciate her in pursuit of the dream to give up stable work, but also appreciate her courage and independence. But at the end of the show, we also see that the incense is carrying a lot of pressure because of the dream.

Pursue your dreams, perhaps not as you might think, as long as you "step out and take a step."

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In a table conversation, Xiang Wei revealed that he actually low self-esteem "is not from art university", "painting basic skills are not solid", think that he was able to receive the case because people are interested in their own experience, rather than ability is really good enough to be able to take cases. Xiang weaving the courage to admit to their uneasiness, even if they know the difficulties do not give up, just like we all around the "feel very strong" people.

When we think that people who "give up something in pursuit of their dreams" are worthy of admiration, we should also see the price and effort they pay. After all, no achievement is to sit there and it will come out of thin air. The pursuit of dreams is not as simple as imagined, and it is precisely because of this is not simple, it makes people want to fight harder.

Dream to be a hero, so do you really put in the effort?

At the age of 20, the youngest member of the show, Nishino, had the biggest dream of wanting to be a hero. Xu is thinking that the hero handsome, want to make himself look less brother, liu Jia just "want to be a hero" on the lips. But there are so many ways to be a hero, what does It want to do? He didn't answer on the show, or said he might not be able to answer it at the moment.

Everyone has an ideal, but the difficulty is, how much effort are we willing to pay for the ideal? To what extent can you do it? Even knowing that the goal is far away does not matter, at least can, should also be pragmatic how to get there step by step. (Recommended reading: To the hard-working you: life has a hundred kinds of hardships, but only one kind of persistence)

Dreams are big and romantic, but to make sure we can achieve them, we have to be pragmatic and down-to-earth.

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Compared with the clear goal, but the process is occasionally not confident, the flow of life level is the need to find the goal first, and to start to work hard for this. But of course, finding a life goal is never easy, nor is it "three or five years, you'll know of it naturally", not even a 20-year-old, even a 40-year-old office worker may need to find a life goal.

It is important to start looking for and really acting for it.

The reality show "Double-Storey Apartment", made up of three men and three women, has been able to spark a wide-ranging discussion because we can always find our own shadow in it, see how people of different values communicate with each other, bump into each other, and see the possibility of finding a better self outside of the spark.

From six people, I also gradually realized that the problem of life has always been many, choose a direction at the same time, must bear the price behind the choice, even, is that let us cry the price, can let us not waste this trip.