An exclusive interview with XDite Zheng Yiting, who used power to overthrow the gender framework in society, and she also perceiving her life, she said, "If you believe in yourself, you can do anything."

Do you think it is a man's thing to write code, or be an engineer?You know, the first programmers in history, actually, are women — She's the daughter Ada Lovelace of the romantic poet Byron.The clever Ada, who wrote the first computer program in the 19th century, also boldly predicts that the computer can make a moving song in the future, to commemorate her, and to have a computer program named Ada.

In Taiwan, there is also evidence that gender is never the point of view.The other name is XDite, and she is also a senior manager of HTC since she was 27 years old. He has won the World Hacker Programming Contest in 2012 and has proven himself to be a more capable person.(Recommended reading: Who says a girl can't be an Engineer!)

Adventures that begin with interest

The XDite of Zheng Yiting, who was young, loved to explore the world on the Internet.After graduating from university, he found the school room management work which seemed to be a combination of a stable and stable school, and only started to practice the procedure behind closed doors in order to work out the procedure.The lack of excitement caused XDite to discover that she and her fellow members were getting bigger and bigger, until she became interested in writing the first popular website, VeryXD, to make sure that she really wanted to make a living, not just a stable life, but to begin to take the habit of living a long time ago; she was convinced that she might change the world.

"I discovered that I should take the time to do what I like and take it, to be able to feed myself, and to be happy."" Follow the XDite in your heart, discover that you like to observe the needs of people, and enjoy the process of programmatically designing improvements to address these needs.She decided to lay down her parents' love of stability, and personally created a company that belonged to her.Because she knows, following her passion, life will lead you to a way out.(Recommended reading: A path that is not recognized is worth it!Interview with EVA LAI Taiwan's new female designer)

Do yourself, somebody will understand

A lot of people have a sense of love, and look at XDite's cool and professional working attitude, perhaps to insulate her from love. In fact, XDite has its own view of love: "Love is not a designer, you have to feel like, too much calculation will be tiredness."In the course of the interview, the XDite that we felt was full of temperature. It was like seeing that justice in the film was so framed that it would fall into tears and react to her actual life. In the Internet, there was talk, saying that even if there were misunderstandings or disputes, they would be willing to do so.

Walking along, the XDite hiking reputation has been misunderstood by many.Many people wonder if she would say she wouldn't do it, or even deny her potential to develop because she did not have a beautiful academic qualification. In an engineer world dominated by men and high education, XDite has always wanted to prove herself with his own power.

In the face of these skeptics, XDite believes that it is the most powerful way to resist rumors, and that it is the most powerful way to resist rumors, and that it should not be the reason for questioning the ability to be questioned.She was able to use her own programming skills to make the most interesting ideas in her mind, providing practical ways to improve defects, while reading books and reading books to find the difficulties and difficult intelligence of their predecessors.

The cumulative effort of this effort made XDite the winner of the 2012 International Face Book Hacker Design Competition.The most important thing for XDite is not to get a reputation, but to demonstrate that she really has the ability to actually think about it.To address the inconvenience of Facebook membership, XDite struggled with teammates in a limited amount of time and resources to successfully solve the user's needs, receive the appreciation of the reviews, and also challenge her voice to the challenge.(Recommended reading: [On-Site Direct] FB Show Women's Paradise!First-Taiwan Women's Engineers Meeting )

We asked her what life was different after she won the prize." It's all the same.She smiled, and then suddenly thought, "I guess some people who love to criticize me, start to believe that I really write a program, not a mouth."" Excavating vulnerabilities, discovering requirements, is justice that she always believes in.In the face of misunderstandings and unfamiliar misconceps on the road, XDite feels that as long as we do a good job, someone will understand it.

Fear fearless when unknown

While questioning the Taiwan education system, and even writing a lot of criticism of the educational use of education, XDite is absolutely very important to reading and fulfilling self-enrichment.Read, help XDite complement yourself, defeat misinterpretation, and also the most relaxing of leisure activities.She smiled and said she had the ability to read fast, and she could read 10 books a week.In addition to reading quickly, she has a wide range of hunting grounds, and she does not doubt that history and culture, or even Romance novels, have been her favorites.

She also shared the motto of her inner direction: "Life is like a terrorist box, because things in the box are unknown, and we are so scared."The XDite, influenced by this sentence, began to think of "the worst case scenario" in which it looked like pessimism, but because all of the worst cases were prepared, there was a positive force, "if you think you can accept it and do it again, it will only be better if you don't have anything to meet."" (Recommended reading: face, defeat, get rid of fear, you are the person who is in charge of your life )

Because of the uncharted fear, the worst, the worst, the worst, the worst, the most likely, the worst, the most likely, the worst, and the most likely to be prepared, and then the unknown to be known, and to be fearless and to ram it up.This is a special way of thinking. It's a choice and a way to make every one of XDite's lives. It's also her philosophy of life that she shared with us.

It's worth it to grind yourself to passion.

The current XDite is on the way to business, and entrepreneurship is not just a big dream for her, but it is a real enterprise that needs to be truly able to do it.She used to dig holes, remind people that there was a better direction; now she's trying to help the Taiwan move to the world and let the world know that we're good." I want to prove to the world that Taiwan can also have a world-class software company.The third thing that XDite says to us is this kind of pride.

Regardless of the trouble in the river, insisting on doing what you believe in, trying to prove the world to the world and prove your capabilities, it's best prepared for all the worst, and it's what XDite wants to do for the best.I am absolutely proud, absolutely arrogand, but I also see that she has absolute confidence.

Everyone, every woman, as long as they are willing to believe, they can.