(Nevin Weryd) By director Todd Phillips and Wakun Phoenix co-star of the film "The Joker", write sage clown, write clown how to become a clown, write about his edge and loveless, write about his mediocrity, what kind of story is this?

"The Joker" is the most heartbreaking movie I've seen recently.

He was like a useless cigarette butt, was thrown to the ground, but also burning the last ignition light, people looked at, with their feet out, long away, but also the feet dirty.

How can we not be heartbroken, we live in this era, actually this way.

The world behind his madness, gently pushing

And ignition light, when is that?

The first shot, I've wanted to cry. Arthur on the mirror makeup, a face of pink, plus smear, he put his finger into the mouth, squeeze out a smile, right, life is like this, like a clown, you have to learn to laugh, and then bitter also laugh, do not laugh days is not going on, that is the way he works hard to live.

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Mom grew up telling Arthur, you want to be a happy person, your name is Happy, you want to bring happiness to others, this is your greatest credit. So, others hit him, he did not return the hand, he had to endure, he smiled, he wanted to listen to his mother's words.

He used reptile-like bones, delicate pale limbs, broken dumb laughter, in the face of the violence of life, broken a few ribs, continue to climb up to live, squeeze out a smile.

After all, he believed it at the time.

Arthur had a clean and white kindness to the world, he took a small card, hard to explain, I am sick, I have no malice, my smile does not represent my mood; This life is more comfortable, more orderly, more bright.

Photo: The Joker

"Is it my problem, or is the world going crazy?" 」

He finally saw that he wanted to be the one who had been sacrificed unconditionally. (Recommended reading: Love letters for heterodox and freaks!) Interview with Ma Xin: "People have the right to identifytheir ways from the community "

No home and love is enough to create a heartbroken villain

Yes, life is very bitter, the rope has the way home, at least there is light, at least there is waiting for him to go home mother.

The way home was to pick up the steps, he and his mother huddled in a small bed, watching her favorite comedy show, he wanted to be on the show, his mother also looked up to the person. He in the notebook, practice writing paragraph, paragraph in the world to treat his ferocity, he told the loss as a joke, as if laughing, it is no big deal, people so teach him, is not right?

He watched the television broadcast the murder of murderof clowns, justice is a stern condemnation, he was likened to low-lying garbage, only dare to hide behind the mask of the clown, he smiled, this is not a bigger joke. Do I live like a garbage every day?

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Perhaps the most heartbreaking is that Arthur had a desire for the world, he grew up with hope. He felt that he had a responsibility to his mother, and that he had a responsibility for happiness, and that he had used his life to believe that his family was his salvation.

How many sufferings in the outside, at least some place can go back, willing to accept, but the truth is so cruel - uncovera layers of secrets, the original he guarded, did not guard him;

What he wanted to find was the memory of childhood, and finally the shape of trauma, into the rain, really become an abandoned baby, no love, enough to create a heartbroken villain.

So he stood up weakly, danced in the abandoned, raised his gun to write poetry, fancied applause, long dark end, he did not want to put himself out. And this world in his crazy behind a push, and then down, continue to fall, even holding your little security, the last point of scruples, also a little left. Until you no longer care, without a sense of feeling, step on the blood mark, out of a villain road.

How can you not feel that everyone has some degree of responsibility.

How clowns become clowns, and who we shed tears for

"I wish my death was more valuable than my life. The Joker

Out of the cinema, I thought how we would judge such a film?

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A movie centered on villains, carefully and almost deliberately focused on the clown's life - how did the clown become a clown? Let's ask this question. Thus, writing about how much the world is overwhat of his violence is too much to bear, write his pale weakness and weakness, write about his edges and lovelessness, write about his mediocrity, write about how he bees, link mental health and violence, some people worry, is it rationalizing/romanticizing terror in the name of pathology, or is it a celebration of violence?

If we feel the same, which role should we share and which situation should we have? Who should we shed tears for and for whom our heartbreak? Then, what kind of future should we embark on?

In a promotional interview, the film's director, Phillips, offered his thoughts on the controversy over the clown's encouragement of crime: "This movie is about a world of lack of love, childhood trauma and loss of compassion, and I think people can understand that message." 」

True despair is because there was love. I think that is enough to answer many social questions.

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The Joker doesn't mean to give a comfortable answer, he doesn't owe the world anything, but he's a part of the designation - you see, before evil and violence, before total darkness, they've ever had love, they've had tenderness to the world, they've been inadvertently trampled to the ground.