Can Netflix's reality show Dating Kaleidoscope launch blind date make two strangers a soul mate?

When it comes to "dating", what comes to mind is probably the other half or the ambiguous person, or the person you've been thinking about for a long time and thinking about whether you should ask him to go out.

In most cases, we tend to have a certain degree of imagination and feeling about him, whether it's a chance encounter at a bar or a chat in a dating app, usually because he gets your attention, and you're willing to spend time with him for a meal and a movie.

On February 14, 2019, Netflix's reality tv show Dating Kaleidoscope premieres. It presents a different dating model, "Blind Date", in which you don't know what the other person looks like in advance, and everything is seen on the day of the date. At first glance, it may seem a bit risky, but in fact, you may be able to get to know him more objectively and truthfully by removing the distraction of "looking at people".

The protagonist of each episode will make an initial date with five strangers who have never met, and then choose one of them to continue to develop. The two people you're dating will only know each other's names before they meet. Appearance, age, occupation, interest, will not be disclosed in advance, if you are really curious, in the dating process to ask for it yourself!

People a lot of yuan, love is also

With just six episodes, "Dating Kaleidoscope" takes just three hours to watch 30 dates at a crisp and crisp pace. The protagonists are unmarried, divorced, heterosexual, gay, young and elderly, and can be seen in the production team's care for diverse ethnic groups.

1. Luke: 27 years old, heterosexual. Engaged in real estate.

2. Gurki: 36 years old, heterosexual. Early marriage, has been divorced for several years. Engaged in jewelry procurement.

3. Lex: Gay man. He is now a theatre designer.

4. Leonard: Widower, wife dies. He was a public interest litigation lawyer and chairman of the Greenpeace Board.

5. Sarah: Heterosexual. Former flight attendant, he works as a recruitment data scientist.

6. Mila: Lesbian. He is now a flat makeup artist.

Picture: Supplied: Netflix

In addition to the main character group, their date partners also have their own characteristics. This is very similar to our real life, in the life, meet many people, their feelings, personality traits, speaking style, family background are not the same.

Who did you see your shadow in?

Dating is the thing: eat a meal, have a drink, and know that we don't fit

Sometimes, we use the appearance or a single point of account to determine whether we and this person are suitable, which may be time-saving, but may also miss each other.

The advantage of "blind dating" is that you can avoid preconceived judgments. In any case, give each other a chance to eat a meal, a glass of wine, even if found that the two sides can not become lovers, as a friend, expand the circle of life is also good.

Lenord vs Karen: Both sides admit that they are too different to develop further. So, Lenord generously introduced other single friends to Karen to know, not embarrassed, the two still have a lot of fun.

And a good date, in addition to calling each other, more importantly, let both sides feel comfortable. Remember, you always have the right to choose to leave when your date's behavior makes you uncomfortable.

Sarah vs John: During the chat, Sarah was overwhelmed by Jonh's double-dip, and decided to terminate the appointment and go straight away.

The value of dating is not just about finding people to associate. If you find it hard to find your ideal lover, and you don't have to panic, it's always the right time to come.

Gurki: In the end, she didn't choose anyone. On the day of the second date, she decided to go alone.

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"Dating Kaleidoscope" lets us act as bystanders, see how strange men and women in the city interact, how to deal with each other in a date, a little shy, a little awkward, but also fresh.

To meet, get along with people, directly to a date, just think about people nervous. In fact, don't take it too seriously, just think of it as a meal time to meet a stranger, perhaps can bring you unexpected surprises.

A "blind date" withno burden, are you jumping on the bandwagon?