" Which choice is not a gamble?Love is also, let alone a win!"Do you remember her with a passion that I believe in love, even for the love of love —"From documentaries, Taiwanese director Chou Mei-ling, who sparked the topic of the "Gay Song and Dance Ensemble" and "Youth Youth," brought her keen philosophical thinking to challenge the first ancient sturdy in the history of Taiwan's independent film.

Why do people still choose to continue to believe in love, even if it is truly possible to change it?In love, Chou Mei-ling takes her career, wants to spend her life with her.In the turmoil of the times, the love of love has wrapped up the dilemma of modern people. After a journey through the "Lome" of the island, Chou Mei-ling wants you to believe in the existence of true love!

" If love is a gamble, do you dare?"
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My milk tea does not want sugar, thank you." As I enter the coffee shop, the person who knows the corner of the corner in the corner is Chou Mei-ling.She drank a drink and didn't like sweetened sugar, but she loved a sweet cake. She said, " Because the cake is sweet, you'll be happy to eat it.And the only thing that can't be expected in the world is perhaps love, is it?Like her films, she always gives unintended meaning to the people who live in a complicated life.This is the charm of director Chou Mei-ling.

The light from the temperament reveals the different nature of Chou Mei-ling.

a graduate of the
Chengde University, was a reporter for a brief period of time, he went into the film industry by mistake.When asked about the turning point of her life, Chou Mei-ling laughs and says, " Is it big enough to turn straight from straight to lesbian because of the fate of the film?In fact, I didn't want to be a director. I just bought the first DV and started filming, and slowly walked here."Bold to admit that I like girls, I used to rediscover myself through film."
has always loved to think about herself since childhood, has never expected her life to go beyond his philosophical system.She just keeps asking questions about the world, and the experience of the Philosophy department gives her a good sense of the essence of things. " I love to ask myself and the world too much. Sometimes I even talk too seriously. Everyone should think I'm crazy!But maybe the people who love it are all like that.When talking about creative work, Chou Mei-ling, who has begun to jump, is these questions and thoughts about herself, and let her write a story about her stories of life.

love is a topic of life forever

you talk about love, Chou Mei-ling has a straight line of passion: " Don't you think that love affects a big part of life?Love and life are like a gamble, and you can't do it all over again.And theater is a collection of these choices that are amplified by the infinite number of emotions behind it."Love and life can't start again, but movies can be," she says. "It's a way of putting the characters into a virtual playbook, and putting them in an unrestrained, unrestrained way."

When you talk to love, Chou Mei-ling's eyes are not so much a passion.

character in the
Flora > "is Chou Mei-ling's gamblers in this true love experiment; and the role of the" Flora > " comes from Chou Mei-ling's observation of the world around him." The nature of the ancient costume and the science fiction film is the same as that of imagination.For Chou Mei-ling, the ancient costume is like a future allegory of life, and life is all hidden in it.No matter the past and the future, people will never escape the contradictory choices of life; it is like the beauty and cruelty of love, never because of the age of your age.

In the eyes of Chou Mei-ling, life and love are actually a gamble. Everyone uses their own way to enter the whirlpool of love, and they also pay a price.The longing of true love, suspicion and true love, and finally choosing to believe it, has always been the quietness of her role in pursuit of the tranquility after a violent impact; because she has always believed that the challenges of being able to warm up after being challenged are true love.

The Zhen Furong, portrayed by Li Xiaoran, was inspired by the news that a Taiwanese businessman had been kidnapped;
a woman who sacrificed his life to save her husband's husband, and finally lost to a young, good-looking third party.
Why do people still believe in love, even if it is truly possible?

" Lord Hai said, our home is at sea, not on women's bedside!"
portraying of the portraying of the cuttlefish, the character of Chen Yimu, and the portraying of Chen Yinhan in
" Love of the Love "in the" Flowery "of the" Flowery "in the" Flowery "of the" The Love of the Love ".

, not just

This time, this week, the beauty of the Chinese film is brought back to the Taiwan film, and the female is also a major feature of the ancient film.In her impressions, many of the old films were the world of men and heroes; the ancient dramas were filmed for women, just like the current heat of the Zhen Ring. It seems that women only know how to fight at the back of the palace." Women, ah, can actually be more than just a vase and a curse.So, Chou Mei-ling doesn't ask the dynasty, nor does it mention heroes, but instead gives the woman the full freedom of imagination in the "Flora" of the sea from the mundane prostitute in the sea.

"The only way to determine your own life is to own the flower of your own!""
's a kind of liberation of Chou Mei-ling's conflict with modern women," says Chou Mei-ling, who plays the role of a singer as the owner of the song.

Talk to the woman, and Mrs Chou sighs.From her eyes, we can see women's self-confidence and agility, but they also read the contradictions that modern women don't understand."Is it necessary to give up the other?""We can refuse choice but not emotions, but we can't avoid the void in some corners. The choice of men and women should not have an established hidden rule," he said.

Life, a chased-off

Life is not possible, so we are constantly looking for it, and it is never possible to find an answer.Every character in the "Huahui" role is like a circle of unneeded corners, and she continues to pursue the part of her lack; she is also unable to stop, even if life seems to begin to succeed. "I don't think I have succeeded; how to tolerate defeat and frustration is more important than how you succeed.""Success is a self-fulfilling one, not a criterion used by society to be judged.""As long as you are faithful to yourself, you can continue to chase after you believe it."Chou
a curious star, believes that the passion of true love has given her a shine of light, and she is looking for answers from her stories. Through her exquisite words and poetic images, everyone can see only their own answers from questions of life.

To give yourself a heart, let yourself have more than one choice;
follow Zhoumei Ling and her , and give yourself a chance to believe it!

" Life is not true ... I still believe in love and hope that we can still embrace happiness."
white snow portrayed by Chen Yan-chi is almost stubborn to believe in love; perhaps this is the answer of Chou Mei-ling's heart to true love."

love, is the unsolved

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