The Joker describes a man who is constantly looking for a home and love. But does it begin with the mystery of birth, which suggests that he can't be happy for a lifetime?

Perhaps before entering the theater, you can imagine the life tension of the character itself -- the clown, Joker, always smiling at people with a mask, but with a huge dark hole inside, there is a deep emotion.

Surprisingly, in the "The Joker" film, we can quickly see the bottom, in fact, not imagined far away.

When his mother constantly educates him, you are a character who needs to bring joy to the world, and you think this "play" is like a fellow walking dead, with schizophrenia, but in fact, he may be more "wanted" than anyone else -- would it be a happy thing if someone noticed me and laughed because of me?

Photo: The Joker

Photo: The Joker

Does anyone love me, and anyone who notices me?

In front of the screen we can quickly feel that the relationship between The Clown Arthur (Joaquin Phoenix) and his mother is unusually close.

He is always frustrated outside. In the dark alleys by children bullying, by colleagues laughing and planted, by the bus strange woman hostile. He dragged his broken body and mind back to an old neighborhood on the edge of Gotham City, where he could collapse at any time with an elevator, a crowded, rusty letterbox, and so on, before finally arriving at his dark home. But as soon as the door opened, a delicate and gentle, like the voice of the girl, shouted a dear. You know there's finally a bit of a warm human taste.

And that's a more borderline area of society.

When he prepared his mother for a childlike meal, scrubbed his back, squeezed into a narrow bed to watch a talk show on TV, he laughed sillyly. Two people, have a child-like interaction. It was indeed a dark corner. In this home, there are diseases and wounds, but here no one will see them as filth, punching and snoring. Instead, they can cling to each other's diseases and wounds.

Photo: The Joker

The film continues to keep the family's veins alive. When Arthur learned of the mayoral candidate Thomas. The moment Wayne (Brett Cullen) was probably his father, he ran up to him and shouted, "I don't want money, as long as you care about me, give me love." Let me call you Dad.

So, whether it's a tattered or luxurious home, whether I'm a low-value, mainstream society. The important thing is that the clown will finally ask for the rest of his life, does anyone care about me? If there is, if it is you, no matter what you look like. We all just want love, don't we?

When born is a mist, like a curse never happiness

And happiness is beyond reach. It's like being doomed, or like a curse -- he finds himself from a background full of abandonment, abuse, and deception.

At the moment of learning the truth of his life, he may have the option of defending his mother's claim that two people stand shoulder to shoulder and continue to resist the evils of the world. But he eventually chose to make his mother a sinner. And, if it's the most heinous one. So the way he killed his mother was completely different from the blood and rain of other times. He has no trace; he doesn't even waste a moment of liver and intestines, he skips the heartbreak directly, allowing himself to drown in the unattached hatred.

When you have a little trace (blood) also does not leave, like the description of a life left completely need not be a pity.

It's all like the outside world has been treating him the way it does. People think of him as a street rat, hate you to disappear, it's best not to even leave the body behind. And the only one who ever cried for him was probably his mother. So, if today found that even the mother is not that person; he is going to kill the mother, like killing himself -- I actually, I once longed for love.

Photo: The Joker

At that moment, he struggled to cover his mother's mouth and nose, and felt a life from dying to silence. He needs the silence of that moment to mourn the attacks and injuries of this society over the years. But the mood was still nowhere to go, and he got up to plan a bigger killing.

Because the pain is never those attacks, not blood-stained, but you pretend to love me, you are more cold than the people who laugh at me.

Home is not in the house, not in the street.

Clown he is a man who has been looking for home and love.

And his path -- or, in other words, the blood-and-foot marks -- unexpectedly became the direction of worship and follow by the enemy's anti-intellectuals. He became a hero to the marginalized masses, and everyone wore clown masks and took to the streets in preparation for a sensational mess.

But back to the scene of the film's first blood-stained crime scene, when he shot and killed the three men, it was never because they were employees of the rich-money-rich Wayne Enterprise, but because they reminded him how much he had been abandoned. However, the loneliest secret remains in that damp, dark subway station.

Photo: The Joker

After the day, you see a city full of wind and rain, emotional wanted newspapers. More and more people with him, lost their original belonging, and he had a companion in the streets -- at this moment, because of unemployment, crime, garbage pile-up and economic depression and the fall of Gotham City, suddenly burst into flames, noisy noise; You look edified at first. But in hindsight, you know it's probably the most broken picture in the world.

Because behind the masks, just blindly follow the crowd, no one really understands him. No one is really his home.

He may have been given the most anticipated, protected, and cherished moment of his life -- on his way to the police station, to redeem him from the powerful man. It was the way he had never been treated, or the embrace he had been pursuing all his life, like the desire for a home that no one once wanted to give him.

I know you don't pretend to love me, but your love is not the real me. I don't have a home, but I won't get hurt again;