Born in Taiwan, as a girl, we are Taiwanese girls. It's okay to stumble, it's growth after a heart injury. Here is a gentle love letter to you.

Girls, Taiwanese girls. I like to call myself that. Taiwan girls, sounds very native identity.

Twenty-two years old, it is the mature but still want to crash the age. Once upon a time, willing to accept that he is a Taiwanese girl this way, not as easy as imagined, and not good to go. (Warm Heart Recommendation: Talk to your18-year-old yourself: After a sharp growing pain, you finally learn to be gentle)

"Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan is not a surprise, Taiwan is the salvation sword." Open the PTT discussion string, which can be seen in everything from Gossipping to Boy-Girl, and even WomenTalk. The Taiwan in the eyes of the villagers is not a good thing, by their own custom, may be CCR, princess disease, or feminist buffet. I don't know when, Taiwan has become a synonymous with people's weariness.

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There seems to be something wrong. All along, a lot of confusion and confusion, Buddha growth pain, in the body, in the bottom of the heart spread.

I'm Taiwanese, I'm a girl. If Taiwanese girls are not Taiwanese, what is it?

I'm stuck with myself.

Taiwan girls have a lot of labels. Taiwan is, so are girls.

The label is mostly eye-popping, we want to tear it down, but find that the tear can not be finished. After all, it's easy to sort people into categories, but it's hard to find yourself.

In high school, the body is fat, was told to eat less, dress to look good; Once thought how to put the chest pad big, after all, TV or net shot underwear model, which is not focused on high? There are recently seen ads, said to give boyfriends "big" surprise, buy their bras;

Less, bigger and smaller, far near, the world to you or to her, have a set of standards.

"Always a little girl, always like a small child, always stay in the primary school desk sands, try to move the chair forward, so that the body is squeezed between the tables and chairs of the small space, very well into the requirements, carefully copy notes from all directions." Li Pingxuan, "The Violation Family, Taipei Girl"

And it's hard to be a feminist. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting a problem, being criticized for being too aggressive, and sometimes showing vulnerability, and immediately putting you into the feminist buffet. Want to explain Feminism seriously, but they tend to have little interest in understanding, only to reply to you: Why don't women use soldiers? (Recommended reading: Why does the country want us to serve as soldiers?) Key issues in the discussion of "Women's Service"

Taiwan girls have a lot of labels. Silly white sweet or snake scorpion, sister or pumei, milk cow or airport, CCR or love to use national goods, old virgin or lewd.

The label, perhaps tore it all, is up to them.

own label, we can stick ourselves. To laugh to cry, gentle or determined, handsome or cute, can immerse yourself in the fragrance of text books, but also infatuated with tobacco and alcohol. Even, you are not labeled, you are seeking freedom.

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Do what you like, Taiwanese girl.

There are hundreds of girls in Taiwan. Learn slowly, the person who can make you grow into the ideal look, is yourself.

Here, for you to choose 10 words of encouragement, also welcome you to point in the name link, read the women's power depth interview. It's not easy to be yourself, through their stories, give yourself some strength!

To you who are willing to believe in yourself.

If you work hard enough, you will become your own expert. Find your place and adapt to yourself.

Shani Chen

The best thing about a girl is, "Who cares about you!" The girl feeling is also the same, you think the old lady is a girl, that time, age is not important. The definition of others has no meaning, we should define ourselves.

Chen Andzu

Women should put themselves in a fair and equal position first, and then talk to others about equality. If because of someone else a few words, you decide to touch the nose, reverse to accept, how can afford their own ability?

Ding Lingjun

To you who want to run to your goal.

No matter what it is, I am very grateful, because it is the past achievements of the present me.

Li Chienna

Others to you hurt you may not be so painful, but if even you have the heart to hurt themselves, then no one can comfort you.


Girls are often easier to compare with others and lose themselves, than boyfriends, than work, more ugly than the United States, but when running a marathon, all the sense of achievement is their own, even if you are the last second to run to the finish line, you can tell themselves "great, I did it."

Ouyang Jing

To you who desire to be full of strength

It's up to me, and the power is mine.

Yang Yaqing

Let's go, let's go, people always learn to grow up.

Zhang Aijia

Although choose the bitter road, there will always be some moments of special loss, but in the face of their favorite things, I really can not bow.

Zhuang Wei

Insist on people from the fragile to the strong, fragile let us know how to rely on, there is this ups and downs, in order to create the journey of life, has been going on.


Girls, Taiwanese girls. I like to call myself that, and I wish you were. By this small land irrigation grew up, there have been stumbles, but you have light under your eyes, but also not afraid.