(Here's Ray, consider it) the five classic lines in the movie The Joker tell the truth that those societies dare not speak out.

After watching The Joker, there are some sounds we can no longer pretend we don't exist.

Photo: The Joker

High crime rates, increasingly confrontational social classes, when the government shouts prosperity and progress, some people are lost, like the clown who bursts out laughing on the bus, take out a letter card to explain that he is sick, sorry, sorry, but no one cares, as if pretending not to care, these people who make society out of order will disappear.

All along, we dare not say, almost true, all through the "The Joker" described once, six "The Joker" lines, point out the social problems we do not want to face:

The worst part of having a mental illness is that everyone expects you to pretend you're not sick.

The worst part of hada mental illness is people people do you to behave as if you don't.

Laughing at the most painful times, dancing in the most difficult times, Arthur's mental illness becomes a thorn in people's eyes. Why do you have a disease to say? Isn't life very good now? In the face of unable to solve the problem, we have to choose to escape, refused to see everything derailed, pretend that no one was hurt, think about it, the heart will pass.

It is still difficult in modern society to seek a good smile, a well-understood hug.

So we found that the most terrible thing was never the young man who had been beating him to the ground, but the people who passed him, lightly passing around.

You never listen, do you?

You never listen, do you? You just keep asking the same question every week, "How's your job?" Do you have negative ideas? All I have is negative thoughts.
You don't listen, do you? You just ask the same question every week. "How's your job?" Are you had any negative s? All I have are negative thoughts.

He told himself he should be better.

Mom calls him happy, Arthur, you should bring happiness to the world. He maintains good intentions in his life full of evil fun, and although the clown is only a satirical presence in this depraved Gotham City, he never forgets what his mother said when he was brought to the alley.

So he regularly reports to the reference room, unable to solve the negative thoughts, at least someone can listen to him. But no one wants to listen, right? No one wants to look directly at the root of the pain, just rudely, put all the expectations on the human body, and finally find that it is the goodwill in the mouth of society that will push people off the cliff.

I thought my life was a tragedy. But now I realize that it turned out to be a comedy.

I used to think black my life was a tragedy. But now I realize, it's a comedy.

After the gunshots, the clown was the one who had been left behind, running toward the end, where he did not know where to end. Until he ran into the dark, rotten public toilet, he stared at himself in the mirror, unusually calm, his body before thinking, slow pace, left foot painted a circle, a deliberate ceremony. Once thought that their life is a tragedy, it turned out to be a comedy, absurd and ridiculous.

Clown dance, thin bone, each bone almost pierced the skin, but also can not pierce, sudden lying stuck there, just like the whole world is not right, but no one said, class-defined society, like the clown, like him, and rats, no difference. The city is stinking and people are pretending.

Is the birth of the clown finally becoming himself, or has the world changed him?

Photo: The Joker

I hope my death will be more valuable than my life.

I hope my death life more more cents than my life

Perhaps what we are most afraid of is the wave that has not been raised in this life. He wrote in his own paragraph book, "I wish my death would be more valuable than my life", on the Murray Festival, at the moment, that shot, he rehearsed, if his life is a comedy, then on the show to open his own shot, to fulfill the wishes of all people, make the world laugh.

But in the end, he chose to shoot Murray, to those who satirized, laughed, trampled on his good intentions, and he used someone else's death to make himself: "This life, I don't even know if I ever existed." But now, people are starting to notice me. 」

Is it just me, or is the world getting crazy?

Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out?

After the clown, are we still pulling ourselves out of the movie and continuing to pretend that the society is secure and calm, like the upper class sitting in a movie theater, treating the tragedy of the underlying characters as a comedy?

The depravity of society begins with indifference. If we see the "The Joker" after the heart of the thorn, feel the pain, it is beginning to know, squealing and inaction, will never make the world better, so can look back, look at the society has been ignored, laughed, no longer forgotten.

Photo: The Joker