Is sexual fantasy good or bad? Is it normal to have sexual fantasies about friends? Let the experts take you to know about sexual fantasies from a psychological point of view.

Have you ever had any sexual fantasies? Is the object of the other half, bed companion, or entertainer, net red? Do you feel anxious because the sexual fantasist is not a partner? (Extended Reading: Seasickness Psychology: After sleeping with friends, are we still pure friendships?) ) )

Recently, U and I shared her troubles. She has a boyfriend for several years, the two personality, despite the dispute, but finally through the run-in period, and now the emotional state is very stable. However, when she masturbated, she didn't think about her boyfriend, but another friend, F, who had known her for years.

"Are you having sex with your boyfriend?" I asked.

"No, it should be all right." Just, how to say, sometimes feel very flat. U says her relationship with her boyfriend is also stable and has found a pattern that suits both sides, but it seems that it's because of "standard SOP", often with a look and a voice, to know what the other person's next step is, and for a long time, it's a bit boring. "I'm pretty sure I don't like F, but I don't know why lately, when I come, I fantasize that the other person is F. 」

"Does your boyfriend know?" I continued to ask.

"Of course I don't know!" How could this happen be with him? I feel full of sorry for him. U exudes guilt. For a moment and a half, the problem seemed to be solved.

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

This situation, how much can happen to us. Perhaps when dealing with a partner, to others have sexual fantasies, feel guilty and uneasy;

Let's face this step by step through psychology, starting with the reasons for the generation of sexual fantasies!

Sexual Psychology: Why do people develop sexual fantasies?

Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller, who specializes in sexual psychology, did a study on sexual fantasies in 2018. He surveyed 4,175 Americans and summarized several common causes of sexual fantasies, as follows:

  • Arousal libido (79.5%)
  • Curious about different sexual experiences (69.8%)
  • Meet unmet sexual needs (59.7%)
  • Temporarily escapist ( 59.4% )
  • Expressing sexual desire siliamuch that is considered taboo by real society (58.4%)
  • Planning to have sex in the future (55.7%)
  • Relax or relieve anxiety (43.6%)
  • Boring ( 40.0%)
  • Enhanced self-confidence (32.5%)
  • Meeting unmet emotional needs (29.8%)
  • Prevent distraction during sexual intercourse (19.8%)
  • Make up for the lack of the other half of sexual attraction (11.8%)

There may be more than the above-mentioned causes of sexual fantasies. And the object of sexual fantasy, not necessarily the other half of the intimate relationship, in the absence of harm, harassment of others, you have the right to choose how to relieve desire.

"The freedom to allow yourself and your lover to fantasize." Sexual fantasies are normal, healthy, and can enhance sexuality. Mike Kesserman

Should i have a sexual fantasy of a friend?

Back in the early story, U was troubled by sexual fantasies about male friends. If you're in the same "sexual fantasies" as she does, psychologist Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne offers a set of insights that might help ease your worries.

""Rover than find a new partner in reality, you use fantasy you infidelities to add add some sss s.
"Rather than really looking for a new partner, it's better to add something to the relationship through sexual fantasies." 」
-- Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
"It's a good... fantasy infidelities are not a sign-something is profoundly lacking in your relationship."
"Having sexual fantasies about others doesn't mean you lack in your original relationship." 」
-- Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

You can think of sexual fantasies as a form of desire, you have no intention of practicing, you are not cheating, and you don't have to worry too much.

For example, according to William Eble and Barbara Sayad, "The Analysis of Sex", sexual fantasies are beneficial and harmless to people. Sexual therapists also believe that sexual fantasies about others are quite normal and common, it says.

"Sexual fantasies are part of the normal and healthy functioning of the body, whether spontaneously or caused by external stimuli. Studies have pointed out that sexual fantasies are associated with sexual drive, and that the higher the sexual exorcism, the higher the frequency of sexual fantasies and the higher the satisfaction of sex life. Sexual fantasies help us create a balance between the environment and our inner self, which is the state we seek. "Sexual Analysis"

It's not a bad thing to have sexual fantasies about people other than your partner. Some sexual relationships, which may be for various reasons, cannot and should not occur in daily life. So, let it enjoy playing in the mind, is not also very good?