Holiday psychology, take you to look anxious behind the job burnout.

Well, even the vacation seems to have just begun, it's over again.

After getting up, you start to worry, think about going to work, into the weekday work, weekend sleep cycle, and think of the schedule of everything did not do, say good regular get up to sleep, read a book, early morning exercise did not do. Your mind is calculating this even after the holiday, where is the next even vacation? How many days do you have to wait? Perhaps thinking, if you give yourself another chance, you will be good to follow the itinerary to live, as long as another chance.

After the holiday fear of the regular attack, sometimes you do not even understand, clearly the next day to start no big thing will happen, even the fake play to play, why is it so anxious, more tired of work?

Behind the, there's your fear of work.

There are many causes of burnout, either because there are no challenges, too many challenges, or workload. This tired of work, will let you on the six-day holiday to let go of yourself, such as late night bed, late to catch up, night singing and so on the usual fear of delay to work "living habits", to Monday, you are more at a loss.

Clinical psychologist Ryan Howes says: "When people say ,"I hate Mondays, 'Thank god it's Friday', it sounds like a lovely little mur, but these words actually suggest that my life is 80% rotten."

Photo: A photo of the six-person walk

"When people split up for a week, they have the idea that they're bad on weekdays and great holidays, and that's the main reason. People get a taste of fear throughout the weekend until they go to work on Monday and start complaining. 」

Behind the holiday binge, there is often a hidden fear of your job: what needs to be feared, what needs action, tong can wait until after the leave. So you think you are crazy on the sofa chasing drama, sleep to the natural wake is a way to let the body and mind relax, in fact, you are just to escape, think that hiding in the cave can escape the problems needed in life, until the work day, you have to face the reality - to do endless work, can not change the bad habits.

"I've seen countless people who are at a loss about what they can do on the weekend, and people are just going to check out on weekends, not spending time on things that really restore energy. Ryan Howes said.

Say to take a holiday, in fact, you can not leave work

An afternoon date, three or two friends talk, what did you talk about? Is just finished watching the film, or recently found which good shop, want to share with friends?

If you say no or no, of course, complain about the boss's colleagues all kinds of work annoyances, this may be the problem. The negative emotions of a normal day's work are brought to the holiday and, over time, will increase your boredom with the job, saysRyan Howes. If you can't forget your work irritability, it means your anger isn't really dispelled. 」

If you are in the holidays, still check the mailbox, communication software from time to time, always feel that the boss seems to be on the phone on the other side of the phone, these may come from the fear in the heart, fear that they will miss any news, behind other colleagues, and thus cause more pressure.

How do you take a really relaxing vacation?

First, put in the weekend on weekdays! Whether it's before work, after work, after work, and before going to bed, give yourself a sense of ritual, little celebration, such as a drink before going to bed, a dinner with friends, a bookstore after work, when you're extremely tired of work, talking to interesting people and trying new things, you can arouse curiosity about life.

Then, knowing the intentions of all the actions you take during your vacation, even if you're going to lie down on the couch and talking about it, you have to think: What problems do I'm going to solve? When every action on the holiday has a clear intent, all your actions will have meaning, and even on weekdays you can solve your life's difficulties.

Finally, it is really necessary to draw a line between holidays and work to think about how it is really necessary to connect with colleagues. Sometimes it's not a good thing to make your co-workers more dependent on you. You can keep room for contact during the holidays, but for a while, crossing the line will only keep yourself on standby.

Also, keep time for reflection, complaining is the beginning of a problem, but not the way to end it, you don't need to keep your anger until the weekend, but you're looking for effective solutions on a daily basis, and fear and burnout for starting work can be greatly reduced.

Didn't you put it on leave this time? It doesn't matter, starting next time, find a really effective way to take a holiday and make work and vacation a day to look forward to!