In October 2019, a Kazakh woman came forward to expose the inhuman treatment she had been subjected to at a re-education camp in China.

On 19 June 2019, the BBC went to the Thought Conversion Camp in Xinjiang, China, to get the public to focus on the issue. In mid-August, some of the women released from the re-education camp alleged that they had been injected with unknown drugs, leading to menopause and infertility. (Recommended reading: Women released from Xinjiang Reeducation Camp: We Are Like a Piece of Meat that Can Be Slaughtered)

"It's like we were just just piece of meat."
"We're like a piece of meat that's cut. 」
- Gulbahar Jalilova

On October 5, according to the Washington Post, another Kazakh woman came forward to expose the inhuman treatment she had been subjected to in the re-education camp.

It dates back to December 2017, when Gulzira Mogyn, a 38-year-old Kazakh-Chinese woman, was placed under house arrest after her phone was found to have WhatsApp on her head.

While being examined at the clinic, Mogdyn found out she was 10 weeks pregnant. However, officials did not allow her to give birth to the child. She said doctors "forced my fetus" without anaesthetic. To this day, she still has complications.

"Two humans have lost in this tragedy - my baby and me."
"In this tragedy, two people have died - my children and me. 」
- Gulzira Mogdyn

In July 2019, Mogdyn acquired Kazakh citizenship, giving her the courage to expose these things. She asked China to respond to the demand: "to give financial compensation, or at least to apologize." 」

China's re-education camps: When Forced Birth Control Becomes a Political Weapon

In response to the incidents, Aiman Umarova, a Kazakh human rights lawyer who has won the International Women's Courage Award, believes China has seen women's birth control as a weapon.

"Sexually violating women, leing saly sings from reproducing, hasbecome a weapon for China against its Muslim popu "The nationality."
"Sexual violence against women, including forced birth control, has become a weapon in China's response to the Muslim population. 」
- Aiman Umarova

According to The Independent, many Muslim women are forced into re-education camps and subjected to ethnic and religious cleansing.

At least 1 million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other ethnic groups have been detained in China for no reason, according to the United Nations and human rights groups. Researchers say re-education camps and war camps are no different, and Chinese officials are reforming their minds to achieve genocide.

The issue of sexual violence with blood and tears has never gone away

From near and far, from Hong Kong in Asia, Xinjiang, to the Sultan of Africa, to the United Kingdom and Mexico in Europe and the United States, sexual violence is real and cannot be ignored.

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Sexual violence, in all its forms, means and forms, appears in life. From politics to the individual, everywhere.

In the face of sexual violence, more attention is needed together, and only by discovering and facing it can the first step in change be taken.