Do you occasionally think of what you look like when you were 18? If time goes back, what do you want to say to your 18-year-old self?

Do you remember what 18-year-old looked like? Is buried in the pile of books, early to go to bed, in order to study hard, or in a period of youth love, there is bitter sweet, he is regarded as the world, or to their own many confusion and doubt, but also did not open. (Warm Heart Recommendation: A Love Letter to a Taiwanese Girl: How Much Heart Hurt you Have, How Much Power You Have)

At the age of 18, I lived a life of ordinary female high school students. In the face of the test as the test, absorb the knowledge in the textbook examination paper are hard, the rest of the mind is only thinking about her boyfriend, did not leave time to know themselves, so busy over 18 years old.

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Later, I used to think that maybe 18 years old was the least afraid of age. On the university life also has a strong expectation, has not yet entered the workplace, has not had time to understand the world operation, but feel that they are ready, Buddha can go to risk at any time.

"Think that a few chords will unify the world / Which also needs the rational side"
- When-Ye-Teenage, Popcorn Orchestra

Thus, the sorrow or joy of the past, good or bad, laughing and crying, have become the present you. (Same-field plus: Jay Chou said good not to cry: that youth love, not to teach you to love, but to teach you regret)

Now you, may not be perfect, may still be confused, but if the time reverses, you know some buried words, want to say to the year's own.

and the 18-year-old himself, whispering

We ask readers: If you can talk to 18-year-old you, what do you want to say?

Received more than a hundred responses, thank you for your warm sharing. Among them, some people complained of gratitude, some people gave expectations, and some people mentioned themselves.

In pictures, women's relationships

18-year-old self: Thank you, for accompanying me growing up to this day

"Thank you, bravely dare to walk through the youth. 」
"You've fought for yourself bravely, you're great. 」
"Thank you for having you and making a better version of me." 」

18-year-old self: You're fine and you can be better

"Try to read, but also have fun." 」
"Keep your own ideas and don't give up easily because of setbacks." 」
"Be kind, love yourself, and try to live the life you want." 」

18-year-old love: Sour Sweet Series

"Love." 」
"Tell the truth about the people you like." 」
"Love my boyfriend at the time. 」
"Enjoy what others like you, feel more, love more." 」
"Should talk a few more love, more willful, enjoy the "youth is what should be so" patent. 」
"You really should have promised that confession, but no matter what you regret, at least it will be your best memory." 」

18-year-old love: bitter series

"Love is not the whole of life. 」
"Don't be confused or immaturely entangled with others. 」
"Don't be lonely, just find someone to fill the loneliness." 」
"Don't put pressure into someone else's love game. 」
"Don't yearn for love, try to study, love yourself a little more, think a little more for yourself." 」
"The most like, should be yourself. If two people can not match a person's happiness, it is better to choose to let go. 」

No matter what you're 18 years old, it's a thing of the past after all. Perhaps there are regrets and regrets, but after all, you have experienced those growth pain, you become the present you.

Growing up, you've got to pilot yourself.

As you grow up, confusion is always there. To understand the world, you must understand yourself first.

Here are 10 sentences for you, who are writers, actors or singers who have gone through their time as girls and slowly become adults. I hope these words can give you some strength to the body scabies.

Personally, I feel that the beginning of growth is disillusionment. Because people want to become the subject of the self, is bound to go through loneliness, is bound to be a person.

Yang Gemini

Growing hurt and hurt, they made a lot of mistakes, but also see a lot of mistakes, experience a lot of other people's mistakes, leading to me now.

Zheng Yinon

Know how to get along with yourself, put yourself in good order, know how to love, know the basic relationship, have the balance between the outside and the inside is very important.

Chen Yuzhen

In the harsh environment of the jungle, you will eventually find that, it turns out, we will always face the most inner self.

Zhang Yanning

Hope you are strong, do not arbitrarily deny themselves, even if temporarily hurt by the family, the future will be someone willing to love you.


We are like the rope walker, looking forward, thinking about where to reach, we will forget how terrible it is to fall.

Liu Anjun

To make yourself well before you have the opportunity to be good on all sides, to be able to accept love, but also have the ability to love.

Tian Yu-chen

Do what you want to be, and you'll become the adult you want.

Li Pingxuan

Everyone has different conditions, make good use of your conditions.


Your problem is still up to yourself to make sense.

This year, after falling in love, I wrote in my diary: "After all, we must repair ourselves, face the pain and injury on my body, and do not expect to be saved by whom." Live a good life, pace or hurry or slow, after all, are forward, late also does not matter. 」

Eat and sleep well and grow up. We know that every step is not easy, and therefore every step forward makes sense.