A Girl, gathered in the Asia Girl group, from a girl, to understand a new era. Shirley died at her home on October 14, 2019, at the age of 25. She used to be attacked with black powder for breaking pure human itys. In fact, she is not who's the little princess, she can do the purest Cui truth.

There is a girl, called Sulli, pure and sexy, fragile and strong, do not care about the eyes of others, just want to live out their own shape.

Shirley laughed, her eyes like crescent bay, into a line, full of sweetness, as if to spill sugar.

In the soft appearance, there is a strong heart. She is willing to talk about vulnerability and dilemma, confessing that she has social fear and depression. How difficult it is for a female star.

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At the age of 11, she was discovered by star scouts in the film and was selected to become an Exercise Student at SM Brokerage. Everyone held in the hand heartache of the little princess, small snowball.

At the age of 15, she made her official debut as a member of the women's group f(x) and assumed an image and centre position within the regiment. The sun is lovely and full of spirit, who does not love it.

At the age of 18, she cut off her signature long hair and dressed up as a boy to perform "To The Beautiful You" and won the Actor's Rising Star Award. Tell the audience that she's not a vase.

At the age of 20, she fell in love, and criticism struck, with a stab in sentence. She was tired and wanted to take a break.

At the age of 21, she quit f(x) and netizens said she was selfish and how she could leave f(x) alone.

Perhaps shirley was the only time she could do what she wanted.

"My real life is very empty, but the appearance is very cheerful. 」
- Night of Bad Reviews, Shirley

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In an interview with Instyle, when asked what you want to do as an adult. "Personally, I prefer Hip-Hop, but a lot of the songs are 19 banned, so I can't hear them," she says bluntly. After 20 years of age, the favorite thing is to listen to the music. 」

Maybe this is the real Shirley. Behind the sweet image the company has set for her, she quietly likes another attitude.

After the retreat, Shirley was always on the move. Many people say she's getting bad and can't go back, but she's just looking for herself.

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At 23, she made a film with bed-play, large-scale nudity. Netizens shot again, "The former pure responsibility, today so depraved." 」

South Korea's attitude toward women's rights is not friendly, and Irene, a member of the women's group Red Velvet, only reads the women's story "Kim Chi-ying, born 82", and has fans burning photos and threatening to take off their meals. (Same-on-the-spot release: Editor-in-Chief's Selection book, "Kim Zhiying born in 82" gender non-qualifying, than who is less meaningful)

Weary of the social atmosphere of the girl, Shirley got up to resist. She supported the Braless movement (No Bra), decriminalization of abortion, solidarity with comfort women, and her advocacy for women's rights.

The outside world said she dressed up to cover her breasts, debauchery, is not the former pure human she. But so what?

All the stars hold the moon pure little princess, she is not right, she dropped the crown of the past, bumped into the social vision, like a knight in a thorn, said how brave how brave.

She should not be the ideal version in the eyes of the public. She wants to be her ideal face.

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She is Choi Truth, although shirley's name is more well known.

At 25, she released her first solo album, Goblin. In the promotional photo, she dyed a pink orange hair color, did not show the signature smile, thoughtful, look to do not know where.

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"The Truth Store" is a reality show featuring Shirley, who also speaks to Black Pink on the show. Sulli's Black Powder, if you change your mind after 12 weeks of airing, please hold Sulli's hand. 」

She confessed on the show that she suffered from social fear and that the abuse she had experienced in the past had put her under pressure.

"A lot of people wear tinted glasses on me. Journalist please love me more! Audience friends also please love me more! 」
- Truth Shop, Shirley

In fact, how hard she tried to tell everyone, belong to their own truth. And did we hear that?

Shirley smiled at the camera, looking sweet, but also let people hurt.

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Shirley died at her home on October 14, 2019, at the age of 25. The agent said Shirley had suffered from depression in the past.

Shirley, it's a pity that the world can't be gentle to you. May you be in another place and be able to be yourself.

Thank you for letting us know that being a girl has a choice. We don't have to be pure for who, we don't have to be a little princess, we don't have to look for the most authentic self.

As you, always will be our dear Cui truth.

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Rest in Peace .