What kind of different images of women do "Black Wonder Woman 2" show us? Let the two protagonists Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning tell you!

Disney's 2014 production of the live-action film "Black Wonder Woman", adapted from a fairy tale, has been adapted in large numbers to give viewers a new understanding of the classic fairy tale, and has also led to the protagonist, Maleficent, hailed as "the most successful villain in Disney's history."

But is "The Dark Woman" really just a "successful villain" after a lot of adaptations? Disney's sequel to "Wonder Woman" in 2019, in which two main characters, Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning, spoke about the gender implications behind the film when they attended a promotional event. (Recommended reading: Darker than Mayweather!) Isn't Queen Ingrid in Black Woman 2 that bad? ) )

In addition to flipping the image of the black character, "Black Wonder Woman 2" to show the audience, in fact, more meta female growth experience.

Feminism doesn't mean to knock down men

According to the BBC , Sheli mentioned at a press conference :

I often think that when a story tells us to "be a strong woman", it usually takes women to confront men, or to live like a man, or to behave as if they don't need them. But in fact, we need, very much love, and even want to learn from men. And I think it's important for young girls to find their strength, but also to respect and learn from the men around them.

In real life, strong women are everywhere, but in movie roles, the villains, or the characters that have to be sacrificed, are usually women. In order to be closer to reality, we showed a lot of meta-female types in "Wonder Woman 2" and also had outstanding, extraordinary men, and I really wanted to emphasize that.

To be a strong, powerful woman, you don't have to be enemies or men. Power is always born from the heart, do not need to rely on "better than who" to prove their ability and strength. If you have enough power in your heart, you are a strong person, and you don't have to rely on anything to prove it.

And if there are objects around worthy of mirror, regardless of men and women, there are places we can respect, learn, no one is better, but "we are all good"!

No muscle, no fight, can be a strong woman.

In the past we have occasionally seen in films, and some of the female protagonists have focused on "the physical strength of the characters", including the Marvel movie Captain Marvel. But actress El Finney, who plays Princess Aurora in "Black Wonder Woman 2," says the power of the real-life version of Princess Aurora is not necessarily "physical strength." El Finney, who plays Princess Laura, also told a press conference:

Laura's strength is her kindness, she's always been sincere, and that's what I want to keep in the movie. She's soft and feminine, she wants to be a wife, she wants to have kids, it's a beautiful and strong thing.

In the construction of the role of princess, it is often the idea of "to make her a strong princess" before the princess to fight and challenge. But what does it really mean to be a strong woman? As long as put on armor, take a sword to fight, is it strong? Aurora can express her strength in another way, she wears a pink dress, keeps her soft, it is a very beautiful, very strong thing.

Princess Aurora, one of Disney's early "beautiful but weak" princesses, has been given a new meaning in the live-action film. (Recommended reading:"If you believe in equality, you are a feminist" Women's Day London Live! Emma Watson's 10 wonderful gender manifestos )

Yes, I'm not strong, I don't have a clear "fight" spirit, but I'm sincere, and I'm struggling to find out what I want to do with my own family. Such a me, can you say not strong?

When a woman truly understands herself and can choose what she really wants, whether it's in a family or being single, it's a cause for celebration. This is what we want to pursue, want to see the phenomenon of feminism and gender diversity.