On October 14, 2019, Shirley killed herself. In the past, she has been criticized, after the incident, the network of mourning, acid people disappeared. In fact, online bullying will not only happen to artists, even if we are not public figures, they may be injured by verbal violence.

On October 14, 2019, South Korean entertainer Shirley was 25 years old when she killed herself at her home.

In the past, Shirley has broken the original pure character settings, such as: hot dancing to nightclubs, supporting braless sports, revealing spots in live broadcasts, posing for photos of suspected sexual innuendo, and so on, and have been repeatedly attacked by netizens.

From this, it can be seen that society for female idols and women, there is a set expectation. Black Powder wants Shirley to return to their ideal image than if she were what she liked. (Extended reading: Han Xing Cui Shirley event: from purity to sexiness, why is called depravity)

"The misogynist network gains power by wooing "good women" while punishing the two-handed strategy of "bad women". " This is love girl, but also tired of women" Wang Xiaodan

Shirley admits that she has social fear and depression and has been criticised for being stressed. In fact, she also strive to become the ideal self. (Warm Heart Recommendation:A GIRL) Shirley Cui: Whether you like it or hate it, this is the real me)

"After being hurt by someone else, I was almost completely devastated. 」
"I said I was hard, but no one would listen, and they didn't know why I worked so hard. 」
- Truth Shop, Shirley

Shirley posted a live stream on her Instagram in June 2018. In the picture, she said nothing, but stared at the camera, tears, Buddha has a mouth, but also vaguely revealed a message for help.

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Shirley suffered from depression in her life. As a teenager, Tiffany also admitted that she was undergoing physical and mental treatment. The pressure to be an artist is often beyond our imagination.

Cyber bullying, not just on artists

In fact, online bullying and verbal violence do not only happen to artists. Many involuntary public figures have also become targets for acid people. Small in the PTT by the netizens criticized, large by the media rendering, become the target of public criticism. (Review: Taiwan media listen! Please let go of involuntary public figures)

For example, Liu Qiao'an, who was dubbed the "Queen of the Sun Flower" in 2014, or this year's 2019 women's list, can see these involuntary public figures being forced into the spotlight and met with public attention and criticism. (Review: Stop Meat Search and Witch hunt: Her feelings, no need to be pointed out)

Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, but it does not mean that there is no limit to the principle.

In addition to news reports, it is common for girls to be po-ptT-platespecials without being informed. The message at the bottom may have positive and negative reviews, but no matter what kind of, as long as the person feels uncomfortable, no one should be deliberateaboutto her, not to mention some of the remarks have been related to sexual harassment.

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Women often face the oppression of the myth of beauty. Naomi Wolf, a 20th-century feminist writer, argues that the myth of beauty completely holds women's bodies hostage.

"As women released themselves from the feminine mystique of domesticity, the beauty myth took over its lost ground, expand ing as it wanted to carry on its work of social control."
"When a woman is finally liberated from family myths, beauty myths quickly take over the seat and once again achieve the goal of social control of women. 」
The Myth of Beauty, Naomi Wolf

Verbal violence against women is gender-based violence

Even if you're not a star, haven't been to a news or forum, you can still experience verbal violence online.

To give me a practical experience, I have a friend who starts a date on a dating app and says he wants to "buy a coke" and is verbally abused by a man.

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In addition to verbal bullying, violence formed through the Internet also includes revenge porn, being sent to photos and so on. These things, whether we are public figures or not, can happen to us or others.

In the network generation, network virtual violence is an inevitable issue. Professor Fang Nianxuan, who specializes in gender and communication research, said: "Digital media intermediaries, whether they are "friends", "fans" and "people" from each other, it is very difficult for us to live in groups." 」

Back at Shirley, we see the tragedy caused by misogyny, and we need to be alert and reflect. Over time, the public's grief and perseverance will gradually fade, or even forget this matter, therefore, how not to repeat the mistakes, to avoid the recurrence of regrets, is in the network generation of us, in today and the future must pay attention to the subject.

"To arouse public awareness of online bullying, the first priority is to elevate the action of online sexism from a private issue in the private sphere to a public issue in the public domain." 」
"I say you are": From the PTT sow-taught feud ingenuity to talk about the sex class of online sexual bullying, Yu Zhenyi

"Rather than regulating the origin of the spread of misogyny on the Internet, it would be better to empower the victims of misogyny culture," Fang said in an article about the digital gender. 」

As a gender media, we support empowerment, encourage gender dialogue, and hope that everyone can be who they are.

It is not easy to change, the road ahead is blocked and long, so more need to support each other, Xu can be all the people into the city.