Even hand account beginners can be safe to use, as long as a black pen can easily complete the use of the hand account is what? Show you!

Buy ingest, write the account, is our ideal life of the concrete realization. By recording life and managing time, we can bridge the gap between ourselves and our ideals. But after writing so long, are you tired of uniform formats, fixed typography, and constant usage?

2020 Women fans play with time hand account, with hand account enthusiast Yang Xiaowei cooperation, will be flexible format and handwriting combination, summed up four women's fan hand account hidden version of the usage, want you to record life more efficiently! And grass also said on the personal IG, "even if you are a beginner can use with peace of mind, as long as a black pen can be easily completed", if you want to easily write a unique, distinctive hand account content, you may want to look at the four kinds of grass teaching.

1. The annual calendar, can also be used to record the month?

This page usually doesn't know how to use it, and it's not easy to use, but it's a good way to record "the girl's physical period." Use 3 colors to represent menstrual dates, ovulation days, dangerous periods, and so on, so you can clearly know whether your physiological cycle has arrived on time. (Recommended reading: Four colors, nine symbols, design your own notes)

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2. Clearly set goals so that hope is more than just hope!

Give yourself a goal every year, one by one to achieve.

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3. Annual Schedule: Every day is very focused!

This page I usually use to record the "daily title", I will give myself every day has a title, if the day is boring, blank also does not matter, easily write on the line! When you suddenly want to read a diary for a day, just look back at the daily headlines and you can easily find them. (Recommended reading: Matsuura's 100 Basics: Write a "Failure Notebook" that calms down your heart)

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4. Ganttchart: a good tool for tracking records

Ganttchart I will use to record "what I will do every day", such as writing a hand account, updating powder, drawing and so on. 21 days to get into your good habits!

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Have you learned all four of these usages?

If you're also tired of the traditional note format and want a closer to life, more "human" hand account, let 2020 women fans play with time hand account to accompany you, start a unique and wonderful life!