What do you say about the astronaut' album? People look up for the action, behind the metaphorical lyrics, believing there must be something, but perhaps the story didn't exist from the start: "When I wrote a lot of writing, it was somehow dead." 」

Reading Qingfeng's words, you can't help but push.

Once so close, your dance, gravity-free,
In the days of talking and pulling each other.
It's just a pity that my environment has no water, no oxygen;
I listened, thought you said "go on", and you said "leave".
- Astronauts

The madman's autobiography who reads the dream machine, and then he knows that missing a person can go crazy, pieced together, picks up this piece but can't get another piece, "The Astronaut" can't see the whole picture, we anxiously guess, he honest showdown: "Most often asked whether these songs have a special life story, or is worth sharing, I can't actually share it. 」

"But I think a madman's autobiography is perfect for describing this album. He said slowly.

In September this year, Qingfeng released his debut album, "Astronauts", in November will hold a concert, before the ticket sold, Qingfeng DingJing to think twice, before thinking twice, tickets sold out in three minutes. In fact, two or three months before the album was released, half of the record companies had never heard of it. When he heard it, Qingfeng analyzed the facial expressions of everyone at the time, "These things may be more difficult to digest than they think." 」

When he wrote the song, he didn't care what other people thought, and as it happened, the fans listened to it resonate. He said, "I liked it when I finished writing, so I thought everyone would like it." 」

Yes, enough green peak.

You like it or not, I'm all here.

What do you say about the astronaut' album?

Is a diary, reflecting a variety of psychological states, fragmented, to explore a cloud of fog, you can find a few songs of the lyrics a large number of repetition, convey a ambiguous, plausible feeling. He says he constantly grops and heals himself when he creates. After an unexpected low in April, "The Astronaut" was like a timely rain.

My life is written as a madman's autobiography, who's watching?
- Dream Machine

The album's earliest creation goes back to 17 years ago, when he was one of the album's most joyous pieces, and he now recalls: "I should have been unhappy because most of my happy songs were written when I wasn't happy." 」

He rarely expresses his emotions in words, so he often uses music as a shield, or sits at the piano, or hums half-dreamy, music is the only way he can relax and speak. If one day the creation has a purposeful, or no longer lyrical, he is difficult to write.

"The spaceship is actually closely related to the previous song, the boy Zhuang Zhou. I want to write about being a creator, a lot of the time just throwing yourself back to the most primitive state. For example, people look at Zhuangzi and think how he can write such a profound word. He made the assumption, "It wouldn't really be that when he was a boy, the world he saw was like that, and he just wrote what he saw." Didn't write to make others feel how he was. What I want to write about is a very pure state of a person. 」

People look up for the sensational plot, full of metaphorical lyrics behind, believe that there must be something, perhaps the story from the beginning does not exist. For whom to write, write but their own, you like not like, can interpret, he is here. Everyone's interpretation keeps the creation alive: "When I write a lot of creations, it's somehow dead, and the reason the creation sits not just in writing or CD is because there are a lot of people who re-create it." A lot of listeners listen, turn it into their own story, into their own understanding of the song, so I don't like to say too much. 」

Have the courage to heal yourself.

Qingfeng look at life is good or bad, there is a calm, such as April's low tide of life, the past community criticized his creation, earlier media out of context. How did you get through it? He left his head and attributed everything to personality, and Ben didn't quite put the bad things to rest assured. And found himself in this regard has the instinct to forget, is before the father's death.

"I and my dad, for a while, barely spoke, and my dad had a hard temper, and he couldn't speak to anyone, but when he found himself terminally ill, he often suddenly turned over one or two things that he felt sorry for me. 」

Once his father failed to pay his tuition, he paid for his own work, this matter was known to his father, hit him. He just thought, the original father pressed in the heart for many years of sorry, to their own, has long been able to forget the pain.

But sometimes the way he deals with wounds is to be almost self-absorbed, with a strong eye.

As a child, he was very afraid of spiders because he saw the movie "Little Magic Star" and walked quickly every time he went to the zoo spider area. But he thought no, must force himself to look at, on the bite of teeth, put the face on the glass, forced himself to see. Later, he was less afraid.

"Injury occurs, can heal for their own or only their own, to have the courage to heal for their own. 」

"Now living to this age, " QingFeng laughed, "I feel these pain, for me to bring good results." For example, when I am sad, I write many songs that will be important to me in the future. Because witness to the harm, really opened the flower. So even with a blow like this year, all I think is that this should bring something to my future life. I think every thing that happens has its meaning. 」

Don't talk about dreams, because cut the actual

Face themselves, Qingfeng honest can. No matter how far, he really did not dream, when he was a child, once volunteered as a teacher, read Chinese department to apply for education, but the last test lesson, or can not set foot, stay in 28 credits, others look not perfect, but he is the most honest choice.

"Biting my teeth to support the past can, but I just can't get through the heart of that pass, just don't want to." Now think of, before really honest, very brave. 」

He also smiled and said of his business school teacher's process of mixing mouth, "the last class in the business court, I told the teacher to abandon the repair." 」

The teacher asked him why.

"I said because i wasn't interested, he threatened: you don't get the secondary qualificationoh, I say it's okay, don't take it, he continues to say: "You can't get the management, you can't do business in the future, I say it's okay, I don't want to do business later." Teacher, because of the bottom line, I don't want to be someone like you. 」

He joked, and a dozen of his classmates were holding their faces, but they could hear a big round of applause.

"Do you think about it?" Because a lot of people will be led by the nose. Does life have to follow the pace? Qingfeng although one side mur mur put away the credit fee is very expensive pinch, the heart in the end know, do not regret.

"Although "no dream" seems very negative, but I feel very practical, " he said bluntly. " If there is anything you want to do, get it done quickly and don't let him just dream. 」

There is no dream does not matter, the important thing is that you are willing to practice, that is true.

After a thousand tears, I took myself home

If, the more tears I shed, crying into a thousand seas, is it possible to take you home, let you sail home.
And I will cry a salmore, if that's what it takes to sail you home, sail you home.
- Tori Amos 1000 Oceans

In 2018, Qingfeng kicks off a 40-day star-chasing tour to the Idol Tori Amos concert. When talking about his fondness for Tori Amos, he was surprised to see how similar the 1000 Oceans and the Astronauts were: "I cried a lot during the songwriting and production process. The last word on the album said, "I'm home," and I really felt that it was the tears that pulled me home. 」

Now think of it, all of the astronauts happen to be shaved, he describes with a smile, like the first love before dying found out that the first love is a dream lover.

Every once in a while, he would reread "A Hundred Years of Loneliness", and that day turned over again, the first sentence, he chewed for a long time, thinking that the space MV also occurred in Central and South America, that cerseide in the ice, watching the melting afternoon.

Many years later, when Colonel Bondia faced the firing squad, he remembered the distant afternoon his father had taken him to find ice.
A hundred years of loneliness

The director didn't know he liked "A Hundred Years of Solitude" but was intuitive enough to get the coldest place to the hottest place. Hugs are warm and want to be cold. So the works that affect him in life, in a quiet and romantic gesture out of flowers.

"Often lost is the process of finding the answer. As he continues to heal himself in the creative process, exploring the 17-year-old Qingfeng: "Looking back now, this album has passed the dark time of my life. You must not see the light in the dark, but you are willing to come out of the darkness and see the light is the brightest. 」

Boy Zhuang Zhou, awake also like a dream, you can not ask the answer, is he is still looking for, "astronaut" can not see the whole picture, but crying, perhaps thousands of sea, he can find a home.

After that, the heart is home, Qingfeng said, I went home.

Edit postscript

Interview to the end, has been more than eight o'clock in the evening, perhaps because it is the last trip, Qingfeng look relaxed, open to talk about their own mood: "Sometimes do an interview is also very heartless, such as these pages, I said things are not so meaningful, it is necessary to waste everyone's time?" Could it be Virgo, and would you feel so good about yourself? 」

"I have a hunch that you're going to write me well, and i'm under a lot of pressure. He thought about it and waved to me and said hello, you think so, don't worry about what the record company says, don't go against what you want to write.

Maybe he doesn't care if he writes Qingfeng well or badly. And when I was writing this interview, all I could think of was truth.

(Even so, when he said he was bad, My heart shook my head 10,000 times in silence.) )