Come and talk about the symptoms of depression that have been neglected.

Although I would like to die, but also because of hunger and eat spicy fried rice cake, this is the real life.
Although I want to die, I still want to eat spicy fried rice cake

Life is well, but why always have a sense of powerlessness in the name? Although I want to die, I still want to eat spicy fried rice cake, wrote a girl with mild depression for 12 weeks of psychotherapy process, record the conversation with the psychiatrist. Less than a year after its publication in South Korea, the book sold more than 370,000 copies.

We often ignore many of the melancholy signals that appear in our daily lives, silently comforting ourselves with the reasons of "just a small thing" and "a good time", and sometimes to say that they will get such comfort. Gradually, to their uneasiness and anxiety not enough teeth, also dare not open for help.

How much melancholy to be able to say that you are really not well? Let's talk about "light depression" in depression.

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Pain, it's not necessary and can't be compared.

In Taiwan , according to the Associated Press , 4059 1059 people were hospitalized in 107 , accounting for about 1.7% of the number of insured persons in that year . Of these, there are about 200,000 people with severe depression and more than 192,000 people with mild depression.

Most people imagine depression, is emotional distress, loss of motivation, and even seriously affect the extent of daily work. However, in the classification of depression, it is divided into severe depression, mild depression, postpartum depression and so on. In the "Little Depression Into Column" light, heavy depression, postpartum depression! Six pictures of depression, which mention the symptoms of depression in this article:

Symptoms are less severe depression, patients are not able to function smoothly or feel good, but not yet incapacitated.

In addition to the symptoms they used to be familiar with: low mood, loss of interest in what they used to love, they also have low self-esteem, feeling less self-worth, and are more likely to experience up to two years (chronic depression).

According to Dr. Chen Junqin of the Apricot Mind Clinic, if the following two to three points are met, they can be called light depression:

  1. Low mood
  2. Lack of interest
  3. Insomnia or sleeping more
  4. Decreasing appetite or abnormal increase
  5. I often feel tired.
  6. Full of guilt, self-consciously doing the wrong thing
  7. There's suicidal thoughts.
  8. Memory loss, indecision
  9. Slow, stiff, sluggish;

Perhaps you have thought, only occasionally into a period of emotional lows, feel extremely inferior to themselves, think of if you can disappear from this world. But a turn around, eat full, can sleep well - such I, even if I have the idea of dying, but also because of a little thing laugh out, is not qualified to shout pain?

However, the so-called severity of depression does not mean to compare the importance of the two. Your feelings are real, that is, helplessness, panic, anxiety, low self-esteem, if someone says to you , "you can still feel happy people, why say their depression", do not ignore their emotions.

"Even if you're blue all day, you'll laugh at the little things. Although I want to die, I still want to eat spicy fried rice cake

If we are to ask, how sad and sad, how melancholy, is it worth being understood by all? There is no answer. Because there is no way to compare pain, unfortunately can not be taken to score, we can all admit that they are unhappy, and accept that they can have negative emotions, are normal.

And if you are in this emotional low tide, I hope you do not feel lonely, do not despise their pain and stop calling for help, but also hope that after reading this article, there is the courage to admit that they really have a bad life, and then, we slowly treat themselves together.