Perhaps so happened, there is a word can stay in your heart for a long time.

Qingfeng write songs, not especially for whom to make, like boy Zhuang Zhou, see what is, if you say behind must be meaningful, he can only two hands a stall. Fans like not to like, are the chance of the problem, perhaps he sings your bitter, it is just his life.

Interview ing-interview Qingfeng, I think perhaps the most moving creation, he wrote that he wanted to write, happened to crash into everyperson's life. Six Qingfeng quotes, in the dark, we all have the strength to heal themselves, and when you come out of the low tide, see the light will be brighter than imagined. (Extended reading: Interview Wu Qingfeng: injury occurred, can heal for their own or only their own)

Your dreams, don't just think about it.

Every day is a little more understanding than today, even if not yesterday, or lost than yesterday, in fact, I have a lost and uncertain experience, for me is a growth.

Wu Qingfeng

I don't like to dream because I think it's important to do things well. If there is anything you want to do, get it done quickly and don't let him just dream.

Wu Qingfeng

It's not a sad thing not to have dreams, to feel lost, it's important that when you want to do something, do you do your best to do it? Let all the confusion in life be the way to find the answer, and practice, the dream will not be left to the imagination.

The pain can finally open the flower

Hurt happens, can heal for their own or only their own

Wu Qingfeng

Because witness to the harm, really opened the flower. So even with such a blow this year, all I think is that this should bring something to my future life. I think every thing that happens has its meaning.

Wu Qingfeng

We all have hard-to-cross the threshold of life, injuries may leave a scar, but believe that at some point in the future, for life will bring good possibilities.

A person's day, very good

Lonely ah, lonely ah, for me are very neutral.

Wu Qingfeng

Wherever can be my home, as long as there is a sense of stability.

Wu Qingfeng

How volatile the world is, a person as long as the heart has something to go, no matter where you are, can give themselves a home.

Darkness is a process. Although the road of life meanders, human nature lets you down, words make you hurt, but go on, there must be light ahead.