Written in an exclusive interview with mother, we don't do perfect family, but always remember the reason for choosing to love in the first place.

(First look at the interview:"He suddenly fell down with a stroke" Interview with Mother: Any relationship is the same, you won't always have each other)

The interview with my mother was probably the longest and longest I've ever written.

On the day of the first interview, her first so frank marriage story quickly sparked discussion. Some readers were surprised, but expressed support and encouragement, while others were angry and unforgivable, believing that an affair was inexcusable and inexcusable. (Excellent review: Interview with Mom: The first time I heard the sound of love breaking down when the marriage went off)

In the face of these responses, I think this family let me most feel, not after so many things, they finally know how to be a good couple. Even today, the only thing they're sure of is admitting that they're not the perfect family.

"We're not model couples" but this never really hurt our love.

Interview day, remember the mood of the mother of the meat, such as the mountains came down to sea, gushing for an hour did not stop:

"A month or two before he had a stroke, we sometimes joked with each other that you were just going to fall in love with someone else. He'll ask me, do you really love me? I'll say, I don't believe you love me. 」

Now, she's always in her bed for the other half, and she's going to cry and say to him, 'I really think I'm going to sell my kidneys and I'm going to get you back.' To this point in time to look back, once cheated marriage, what kind of existence? You might think that the accident of the stroke was the best time for two people to reconcile.

But in the next conversation of mother-of-one, I didn't hear that.

Eight years of marriage, lightning marriage, overheated love period, have children, their respective affairs, quarrels, and now someone fell ill. She said slowly with red eyes, what was past, how the future did not know, at this moment, she only lying at the bedside asked each other, if we ever suspected anything, but now I want to say I really love you, do you believe?

"He went to rehab that day, and near our house, he told me, "I want to go home." In fact, I wanted to tell him, you know, for me, as long as you are with my son in the place, is our home. 」

"Even if I knew that even if you were in the hospital, or that I knew you were sick, you weren't as strong as you used to be, but that was a port of call for love in my heart, or that I knew I was going to fight for you." This matter is the most important thing for me. 」

So today is not because of this incident, but there will be other opportunities for this family to see clearly one thing -- we are each other's families, not to be a perfect family, so it's not about apologizing for who did something wrong, and then looking for so-called reconciliation.

To be a family, you know first that you love this person, but at the same time, you can't predict how much you might pay for your love. It may be a price to bear the loss of the other person, and the medical expenses after a serious illness will be a price; if something suddenly appears in the process of our love, such as I'm cheating, you're having an affair, or you suddenly have a stroke today, leaving me with a pile of burdens. In that moment, if I feel hurt, it's only because we're temporarily covered up by emotions and it's hard to let myself go.

Love is always there, but sometimes you forget it.

"Looking back at our marriage at this moment, I wish I could make myself stronger again. Because I hope he can do what he is happy about in the future, and I can do what I am happy about. We can be happy in this home, is the most important. 」

And if love is always there, then what we ask for is not reconciliation, because love itself does not need to be forgiven.

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The interview wrote this, the story of the family, also finally to an end. In this process, I have feared for them, will a family story be moved to the table, to accept public trial, will become a secondary injury? However, she said, we are not model couples ah, even from perfect very far away. But we're going to get better.

Because what they think at the moment is no longer a flawless end point. It doesn't need to be.

The person who tries to love, the eyes will only have him trying to guard the person. Although she has shed countless tears in front of me, but because you are willing to let yourself be vulnerable to this, you are already stronger than you think.