On October 16th U.S. police announced the discovery of a transnational child pornography website. The site's child sex abuse videos, up to 250,000, have been downloaded more than 1 million times, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in profits for the site's operators. Children who have been sexually abused are of different ages, and even have a six-month-old newborn.

On October 16, 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the discovery of a child pornography website, according to the Washington Post. The site, called Welcome To Video, has more than 250,000 films of sexual violence against children, and the team says it is the largest child pornography case in history.

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"The scale of this crime is eye-popping and sickening."
"The scale of this crime is jaw-dropping and disgusting. 」
John Fort, head of criminal investigations at the Irs

The welcome To Video domain is based in South Korea and the website's administrator, Jong Woo Son, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. In addition, 337 website users have been prosecuted in various countries and investigations are under way.

The Independent points out that the site operates only on the "dark web" and uses the Onion Browser (Tor), which is encrypted by layers to hide IP locations and network identities, mainly using Bitcoin for illegal transactions.

Prosecutors in charge of the investigation said that between June 2015 and March 2018, "Welcome to Video" carried out more than 7,300 transactions, making a profit of at least $370,000 (about NT$11,315,188) and that child sexual abuse videos were used by users in various countries Download more than 1 million times, and abused children are of varying ages, even with a six-month-old newborn.

"The sexual lyon of children is one of the worst forms of evilable. Indeed these sare sare so they are have to be a sien to about speak, butour ours has no higher priority than The safety or our."
"It is true that child sexual exploitation is the most heinous and unspeakable issue, but our Government must make the protection of children a top priority. 」
- U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Jessie K. Liu

Close to the moment: Child sex crimes in Taiwan

Next, let's turn our attention back to the issue of child sexual exploitation in Taiwan.

Under the Child and Adolescent Sexual Exploitation Prevention Ordinance,child or juvenile sexual exploitation is defined as follows:

  1. To make a child or juvenile sexually or indecently assaulted at a price.
  2. The use of children or juveniles for sexual intercourse, indecency, for viewing.
  3. Photographs, photographs, films, videos, cMs, electronic signals or other items that produce children or juveniles for sexual or obscene acts.
  4. To make a child or juvenile to sit on the stage with alcohol or involving pornography, singing, dancing and other acts.
The issue of child sex crimes is not far from the horizon, but in the horizon for us in Taiwan.

According to the Survey of Victims of Sexual Assault Notification, an important gender statistics database of the Administrative Council, there were 3,130 cases in the Republic of China between 94 and 106 years, 9,228 for 6-12 years of age and 57,554 for 12-18 year synods.

That is, 69,912 sexual assaults were reported by victims under the age of 18 in 12 years. Of the 69,912 sexual assaults, 58,753 were victims of women, accounting for 84%.

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These statistics are not just numbers, but helpless child victims.

Here's a collection of articles on child sex crimes and invite you to read them together.

Back to the news and current affairs of the beginning of the text, although the crime has been uncovered by the United States police, but does not mean that once and for all. Where we are out of our eyes, there may still be many children who are threatened by sexual violence and we call on the public to join us in our concern.