What's so special about the smell of a cat? Why do cat slaves be left unable to restrain, over and over again "want to suck"? Behind the cat-sucking craze, it may be related to human loneliness!

What's the first thing you'll do when you get home? Is it on the couch, a hot bath, or a bowl of hot bubble noodles? For a particular group of people, it's cat-sucking. When they walk into the house, look at the cat not seen in a day, often hate to immediately catch the cat to smell enough, suck a full.

What's so special about the smell of a cat? Why do cat slaves be left unable to restrain, over and over again "want to suck"?

I'm not smoking a cat, it's a reassuring smell.

According to foreign media Huffpost, Japanese department store brand Felissimo has launched a spray that is said to smell like a "cat's head" so that all cat lovers can spray cat-spraying in every corner to satisfy the cat-slave's desire to suck.

The craze for "cat-sucking" dates back to China, with some netizens saying, "If I don't have a cat-sucking, I'm very bad, I'm seriously addicted," according to Xinhua. Some cat lovers have even said that their cats have a "high status" at home.

Why do we love to suck cats, love to have manufacturers specially introduced cat-flavored spray, love to someone did not suck the cat to feel anxious? All this, in addition to the physiological structure of cats, but also related to the loneliness of modern people. (Recommended reading: Cat Slave War Guide: Total Destruction of Furniture?) Think first from the cat's point of view)

Compared with energetic, family dog, the independence and mystery of cats can fill the modern people 'desire for someone to accompany, but no extra time to take care of others" sense of emptiness. So maybe we're not smoking cats, we're sucking it, we're sucking it.

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Why are cats so healing?

In August, there were heartwarming news reports about the launch of the Feline and Offenders Rehabilitation Project in prisons in Indiana. The and Down (FORWARD) program, which allows the inmate to come into contact with stray cats and learn from the care of cats and establish emotional links.

Take care of cats, why can the victim learn to build emotional links?

"Why Do We Become Cat Slaves?" by veteran science journalist Abigail Tucker. The cat's physiological features look like children's, including round faces, meaty cheeks, full foreheads, big eyes and small noses, it has been revealed in the book. (Recommended reading: It turned out to be "Cat Island"! In Iceland, one in ten people is a cat slave .

Such physiological traits evoke a pleasant, drug-like "oxytocin-like" in an adult body, which in turn initiates parenting behaviors, including improved coordination of fine muscle movements, in preparation for holding the baby in his arms. Therefore, human stoname is easy to put their parents' "care" instincts on the cat, will take the initiative to take care of and care for the cat.

A study in the Journal ofBMC Psychiatryalso found that pet companionship and support can provide comfort to mental lying people. Lead researcher Helen Brooks and her research partner visited 54 people with mental illness, 25 of whom considered pets to be an integral part of their lives.

Whether from a scientific or medical point of view, have proved that cats can meet human caring instincts, but also to provide human needs of companionship, it seems that life as long as there is a cat, we can no longer be lonely, no longer lonely life.

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Pets can be with you, but they can give strength, always only your own

Let's start with this poem.

Lonely people have cats, lonely people.
The end is coming
A man who fights for love is blessed.
You're the end of the day
Won't be loved

As you wish.
The next day or still go to work.

Lin Jigang " only patience to the end, will certainly be saved. 」〉

Lonely people have cats, lonely people have dogs. Whether it is a cat or a dog, we have a lonely heart, eager to have someone who can understand, longing for who quietly listen to us.

Also because of that loneliness, so that we can through pets, understand anyway, this world will still have someone to accompany themselves, there are still people are always waiting for their care and care. Before you find the man, you might as well sip the cat.