In response to the International Anti-Bullying Month in October, the Ministry of Education launched a project in collaboration with eight network red people to uncover the stories of eight KOL past bullies. We then understand that no one is an outsider until the bullying issue. Everyone can be the perpetrator and the victim.

October is The International Anti-Bullying Month.

Bullying, which sounds remote, from borderless cyber-talk attacks to students who are always ridiculed on campus, our side (including ourselves) may have been perpetrators or bullies.

In an effort to attract more attention to campus bullying, the Ministry of Education yesterday (October 21) posted eight photos on Facebook, eight of which were embroidered with different nicknames of uniforms, including "the undefeated", "The Lady Cannon", "Pacific" and other negative labels, and behind each label, are a living network red man/movie artist.

It's hard to imagine these optimistic humorinists in the film having a bullying past like you and me or the class next door. (Recommended reading: "The Story ofa Group of People Bullying a Good Man" Behind Campus Bullying, The "Black Sheep Effect" Psychology full of humanity)

Photo: Ministry of Education Facebook

Photo: Ministry of Education Facebook

Photo: Ministry of Education Facebook

I'm not your mother gun, I have a last name.

The Ministry of Education posted that Facebook was full of discussion, so far accumulated nearly 30,000 likes, nearly 10,000 retweets to share, and so get a lot of response reasons, perhaps with each person's overlapping life experience. When we leave the campus, it seems to leave the bullying site, but the past injury, but not really far away, want to still make people breathless.

Clearly I have a name ah, why do everyone call me a mother gun? Clearly I'm here, why do you pretend I don't exist? Clearly I said I do not like, why do you just do not understand it?

Clear, clear.

In the eight photos, the scars of the stigma are obvious, and the question spriged behind the photos is that no one can answer them in its entirety.

Everyone is clearly different, why do we bully or crowd out the innate difference?

Now, we finally have a chance to talk about the pain of the past, to find their original name. (Recommended reading: Get out of the bullies: Understand first, it's not your fault)

Photo: Ministry of Education Facebook

Photo: Ministry of Education Facebook

Photo: Ministry of Education Facebook

You're not alone, we're not outsiders.

Looking for a well-known KOL and filmmakers, the Ministry of Education in addition to want to link the influence of all walks of life, in fact, is also building a companion network.

If you are in the middle of being bullied, or have been bullied away from fear, I hope you understand that you are not alone, we have all met, have also been hurt. When a group of wounded people get together the companion power, is the opportunity to let you slowly out of fear, try to heal.

In 2014, the film "The Complicit" discussed the link between bullying and loneliness. In the film, some people because of loneliness so to be bullied, but also because of bullying so lonely, loneliness is the cause of bullying, but also the result of bullying behavior, both coexist. And can break the lonely and bullying relationship chain, is companionship and respect.

Being bullied, not your fault, you are not a person, we are not an outsider, even if you have been hurt by this society, please be sure to believe, at the same time there are still people are willing to love you, give you warm.

Photo: Ministry of Education Facebook

Photo: Ministry of Education Facebook

Bullying may be a thing of the past, but harm is always carried out

It's been 13 years since the International Anti-Bullying Month was introduced in 2006, and this year, in this October of our call for anti-bullying, we witnessed the death of Han star Shirley as a result of long-term bullying and criticism.

The Ministry of Education's plan, let us see the true story of the eight bullies, but also conveythe "past bullying, does not represent the whole life is complete" of the idea, we can still find their own value in other ways, and have the opportunity to stand up and give other same experience strength.

Anti-bullying has been talking about it for 13 years, but there are still people who have been hurt by bullying, so we won't stop calling for mutual respect and support, and we're not going to stop reporting bullying-related news. We know that bullying may be a past, but harm is always the modus operandi, and if we can, we don't want it.

And if you're really bullied on campus, please don't be afraid to speak up:

  • Reflecting to mentors and parents
  • Complaint to the school to complain to the letter box
  • Complaints to the anti-bullying complaint line in the county and city where they are located
  • To the Ministry of Education, anti-campus bullying line (0800-200-885)
  • Presented in the campus life questionnaire or to other pipelines (police, good classmates, good friends)