The film "Sunshine" talk about the family's difficulties, and back to reality, playing the mother's Ke Shuqin, and play the son of Wu Jianhe, Xu Guanghan, what is the view of home? What are their life observations in the face of their own family roles?

Facing a home, I thought we were close to each other, but we didn't. And as a family, is it equal to intimacy?

In the movie "Sunshine", you feel that there are some gaps between the family and each other who don't know each other or don't want to communicate; Out of the screen, we invited mother Ke Shuqin, son Wu Jianhe, Xu Guanghan sit on the sofa, in real life, can have a dialogue opportunity. This time, when the family want to say, in fact, home, originally is not a place to succeed.

You will be lost for home, but you do not have to be sad first. (Same-sex: Talk ing-am with anxious parents Interview with Ke Shuqin: "You think you're protecting your child, but you're most afraid of getting hurt. "

"When things are over, we may not be more dependent on each other" but it's not a sad thing.

"I don't know my dad very well. 」

Who's playing the son in the play, and outside of the play, they're the sons of someone else. Wu Jianhe and Xu Guanghan chatted about their native family, they talked about, as if usual not very close to his father: "When he was a child he rarely came home, I don't know what he was doing, he did not know what I was doing." We are, not familiar. Jian and first chatted.

"I don't quite share anything with him, and he won't know your personality. In the long run, without communication, there will be a great gap. Guanghan went on.

The two big boys, somewhat plain talk about it, guanghan added that his father was a soldier, "I told him something about myself, and he might feel strange." Nothing special, a little habit, that's how we get along. Not good at expressing, saying it, but rather uncomfortable. In response, Mrs. Ko wanted to say, "Taiwanese are often like this, and we pretend we are strong." 」

We don't show emotions, they don't know how to deal with themselves, and we rarely share them. And this matter, sometimes seems to be our choice: "In fact, I did not want to." But because every home is different, there is no way to solve this problem. 」

Following Guanghan's words, Jianhe went on to say, "The composition of a home is inherently complicated." It's not that I don't want you as a father today. There is no way to change the relationship. So no matter how much friction or things happen, he's still your home. 」

But under these "arrangements", do we seem to have to face the problem of home only passively? Sister Ko wants to convey an idea, she said, we must first figure out one thing: "You do not have to bear, but accept." I don't think taking on is the same as accepting. 」

When a big thing happens in a home, it's not because you're family, so "take on it." She returned to the concept of "nothing to be solved", saying, "The so-called "acceptance" is that you let it happen, you let every event of life happen." Because you don't know what's behind you. 」

"One thing that the primary school teacher told me before was, "The stone is the smaller it is." You've picked up this now, and you think, three more steps are not good to have a bigger one; You don't know what's waiting for you. So, now you don't accept this now, "What if there's a bigger article?" 」

In a home, because there is no choice of combination, and is destined to produce some gaps. Is this going to be a problem? In the conversation synopsis between the three of them and the experience of life, we see that it may indeed be a source of problems. However, our better way is not to blame this innate condition, disappointment with home, but to practice acceptance first. Accept it, don't study why it came, and don't have to rush to feel what's going to be solved right now. Sister Ke said, give the family a little time. Give each other a little time.

There are some things in this world that lack your gentle wait.

I'm not born to be a father, or a son: and would you give me a chance?

Give time, not just for the family who don't know how to be each other, but also for the light of yourself.

We first talked about the hand-to-hand relationship.

In the film, Wu Jianhe plays the role of the younger brother, with friends cut people into trouble into jail, but also engaged in the belly of a teenage girlfriend. What's his heart better than his kind of excellent, gentle brother, everyone likes? In this regard, Jianhe did not think: "In fact, for the brother, brother is the brother, is a role model; 」

"No one will get hurt. You think your brother is hurt, but he doesn't. He is just a living man, and he is a part of this family. 」

As a bystander, you feel how home exists, as if something had happened, to see what was hard, and that's just what you feel. The people who really are under that roof, there is pain, he said, yes, but not like that. People want to live. Let's still live.

And this corresponds to the general impression, often is a deadlocked father-son relationship, but also very similar to the truth.

Talking back to the real family, Jian and continued, "One day, I went out with my dad." When we walked together, I said, you're not a good father, but I'm not a good son. We'll learn together. 」

It's like, yeah, I know you're a bad family. And neither am I. But that's not going well. We've always said we want to reconcile with our family, but we don't have to reconcile, not who forgives anyone. Because no one is born ready to come to be your father, or son.

Let's try and give me a chance.

That's what Jianhe wants to say to his family. And I lookated at Sister Ko and asked her? "I want to tell my family that I've worked hard, I've worked hard to live my life and i'm trying to be myself. I also hope that they can enjoy life. Speaking of which, she turned her head and said to Guanghan, "You don't know your dad either, and the other day you ask him to go for a walk, and you say that to him." 」

"Actually, you're not a very good dad. 」

But I won't criticize you. Our home is not to criticize who exists. Who you are, the way I accept you, where you are not good, we learn together.

Later think about it, say this sentence, and admit this, we have for home to summon a good courage.

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